Winter Spring Optimism

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alt: Winter Spring Optimism

I would never thought I am going to write following sentence. I am from those older folks who do not mentioned every simple thing they do. Therefore you have not heard from me for over a month. Winter and especially the one here in The Netherlands, is not part of the year which inspires me a lot. Those windy rainy and dark days asks only for one thing, (more…)

Top from the other side

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alt: Top from the other side

When we got to the top of the hill, we realize that not only we could see almost complete High Tatras and other mountains of Slovakia, but that many more people are coming from the other side of the hill. At the end (more…)

Morning trip

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alt: Morning trip

As promised another image from our Silvester hiking trip. This one very first shot that morning. Still dark about -12C and many people already climbing a hill above a village. (more…)

Walking Up

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alt: Walking Up

We had said good-bye to last year by Walking Up. At the last day of the year 2015 we joined few hundreds people and walk up to local hill. Start was few minutes after Sun rise. It was steep walking (more…)

Babia hora

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alt: Babia hora

And because our friend is missing all the beauty of the winter, here is one from February of this year in Slovakia. I would love to have this winter like this or even better! (more…)

Winter Presents and more

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alt: Winter Presents and more

My Dear Friend,

I am writing you with a news: Web shop is open! Yes for your winter presents shopping ;-) In past I was offering high quality hand made prints of my images. It was good experience, this time however my offer to you is photograph’s downloads. You can download my images (more…)

Calvary track by Lokca

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alt: Calvary track by Lokca

Lokca, is small village in North of Slovakia. In region called Orava. Among of other interesting things in region, there is also rather hidden Calvary track. You may already know what it is from link in previous post. If you do not know read more in WikiPedia (more…)

Two rivers

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alt: Two rivers

Two photographs, one from the same river as in last few posts and second from where it flows later down the stream. I took this images again same day, the day after Valentine, but in afternoon when I went for yet another walk, this time longer to follow track called Calvary. (more…)

After breakfast in winter forest

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alt: After breakfast in winter forest

Let me come back to the same day, day after the valentine’s day. You know from previous posts that I went early morning for short hike. How I walk pass the river and cross it over using small footbridge. (more…)

Above the river

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alt: Above the river

And this is view from the footbridge down. If you here first time you may look to all images about this footbridge and winter walk path the river in North of Slovakia from a about ten days ago. (more…)