Burn baby, burn…

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alt: Burn baby, burn…

Nobody noticed anything, nobody heart anything. Morning we went on our walk and we passed it. Still hot and little steaming burned car under little snow which has not melted yet. I wonder how such a thing can happen without nobody notice? Police? No. People near by? No.


The winter trip through the woods

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alt: The winter trip through the woods

We made few winter hikes in woods. Such a trip through the woods is usually longer endeavor. It may take few hours. Therefore I was thinking how to reflect that to you. Should I use the usual way and post every other day single image with two lines of text. Should I create new project gallery with all images and almost no text? At the end I have decided to create longer post (more…)

Under snow

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alt: Under snow

Under snow, is another image from our walks this winter in Slovakia. I know this is not much of art, and there is also not intention to be. I am remembering, by posting these images, the great time we had there. Not sure why, but I had to remind yourself those feelings every day. (more…)

Calm Winter

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alt: Calm Winter

Winter could be different, mild, snowy, wild and certainly in many other form. In my hiking trips in Slovakia I love the most The Calm Winter. Winter where everything is silent, white and beautiful. Call me romantic if you will, but this just butter my soul.


Greetings in 2018

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alt: Greetings in 2018

Greetings in 2018! End of the year and especially beginning of the new year is always a time to think about past and future. It is not only because the year is changing, but it is also because we have few free days. Those days give us this opportunity. (more…)

Winter Spring Optimism

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alt: Winter Spring Optimism

I would never thought I am going to write following sentence. I am from those older folks who do not mentioned every simple thing they do. Therefore you have not heard from me for over a month. Winter and especially the one here in The Netherlands, is not part of the year which inspires me a lot. Those windy rainy and dark days asks only for one thing, (more…)

Top from the other side

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alt: Top from the other side

When we got to the top of the hill, we realize that not only we could see almost complete High Tatras and other mountains of Slovakia, but that many more people are coming from the other side of the hill. At the end (more…)

Morning trip

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alt: Morning trip

As promised another image from our Silvester hiking trip. This one very first shot that morning. Still dark about -12C and many people already climbing a hill above a village. (more…)

Walking Up

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alt: Walking Up

We had said good-bye to last year by Walking Up. At the last day of the year 2015 we joined few hundreds people and walk up to local hill. Start was few minutes after Sun rise. It was steep walking (more…)

Babia hora

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alt: Babia hora

And because our friend is missing all the beauty of the winter, here is one from February of this year in Slovakia. I would love to have this winter like this or even better! (more…)