Sunny day road

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alt: Sunny day road

Well there is not that many sunny days in front of us. Autumn is running its days. This Sunny day road photographs I capture while I was biking at the south of the Netherlands. The light and especially the cleanness of the air was wonderful. I couldn’t resist. Another reason why I stopped in this 70 km long bike trip was that I was last one anyway. Some nine or so (more…)

Marcový výlet – March trip in Slovakia

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alt: Marcový výlet – March trip in Slovakia

This March trip in Slovakia, was one of the few, when I posted images almost directly at the same day. Also all photographs were process on my mobile phone. That is why there is only little writing, except the last day. That is a reason why quality is a little less then normal. However that is also reason that images I have uploaded are much bigger then normal around 800 pixels. Until now you (more…)

Castle I never visited, until now.

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alt: Castle I never visited, until now.

Yes, I was born in the city under these castle ruins. My father told me a lot about it. He went there many times. We draw under it many more times.


The winter trip through the woods

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alt: The winter trip through the woods

We made few winter hikes in woods. Such a trip through the woods is usually longer endeavor. It may take few hours. Therefore I was thinking how to reflect that to you. Should I use the usual way and post every other day single image with two lines of text. Should I create new project gallery with all images and almost no text? At the end I have decided to create longer post (more…)

Girls from Trenčín

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alt: Girls from Trenčín

Second destination on our trip was Trenčín. The city, which I knew from my childhood. My grand parents lived there. Trenčín was for me always the city of young people, colors and ice cream. First evening after our arrival we went to the center of the city. We couldn’t miss nice walk to the famous Trenčín castle. Before I show you images from it, I would like to temper your (more…)

Jánska Dolina

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alt: Jánska Dolina

Jánska Dolina, has been for so long place I wanted to go. So long that in the middle of that long time I have forgot about it. Somehow on our trip through Slovakia we decided to stay there for few days. When new day started we took our hiking shoes out and start walking towards Ďumbier. Once we left asphalt road and get through (more…)

On the road to “Na Výtoni”

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alt: On the road to “Na Výtoni”

As I wrote, in my previous post Na Výtoni, we have seen many things as we walk for almost hour from our place there. We both liked the fact that we avoided busy roads and turists attractions and dived into the side roads, where normal people live and work. Waiting for the ambulance at the hospital from the last post, or taking car from (more…)

First stop

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alt: First stop

Our first stop after we landed in Atlanta was Hotel in Montgomery. When I woked up early morning this was what I have seen while….

First stop




Trip and the time

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alt: Trip and the time

Time is running like crazy and even I have promised myself to write more in these pages it doesn’t happen very often. I hope it is going to change in the near future. I know it is in my hands. Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip and that is a chance to write more. (more…)

Not enough space

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Dear friend,
This time I am writing you from small village in north of Slovakia. Before we went to this trip I had wonderful plan to take all my strobes, tripods and umbrellas. My intention was to take images of our folks living here. One of the reasons was that some of them approaching (more…)