Big Trees

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alt: Big Trees

These Big Trees are just few steps from our house. Every day i walk around them and every day I am afraid how long they still be there. They are so beautiful. Beautiful things doesn’t stay long. We need more beautiful things in our lives to balance the daily shades. The other day I had discussion, with a friend and he (more…)

Night trees – Nočné stromy

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alt: Night trees – Nočné stromy

Night trees seems to be something, which I comes often back to me in my photographs. I may collect them into one series. Let us start with these two today. They both had been captured only twenty minutes apart. I tried to project in them my (more…)

sunflower field

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alt: sunflower field

Yes, it does look as common sunflower field. At the start of autumn sunflowers, dried thoroughly by the late summer sun, become something else than anybody thinks. Have you read the extension of the tree trunk story? No, you did not? Please before proceeding read that. (more…)

tree trunk

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alt: tree trunk

On our biking trip in the south of Moravia, we had a beautiful day. Well, first half of it was charming, the second become colder. The sun, especially when beaming low, creates all those nice shadows. While passing (more…)


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alt: Paradise

Once on the other side, I was not able to stop looking around. It was paradise. Strange trees with even more unusual fruit were hanging from high above dark green flowers. My eyes (more…)

My favourite

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alt: My favourite

This spot has been my favourite for many years. I walk here with our Bobby every weekend and sometimes also during a week. I have seen this place in many different states. With morning drew as on this one. Full of flowers and snow. I had a lot of ideas how to photograph it, so far (more…)


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alt: Trees

I have seen many great images of forests, especially on Twitter from people living in Wales. I wanted to add my Trees to the list. This image is in my view getting rather close to what I like to achieve. (more…)

Tree in a Water

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alt: Tree in a Water

Following Tree in a Water photograph is from same day as Forest and Sunny Day. As I mentioned earlier I have no really idea why it is feel so good to take pictures now. I may just stop thinking about it and simple enjoy it. I am starting to have again that feeling that I take pictures for me. Creating them because I like it. And yes, I may write in English as Borat is talking and I may lost all the colours except the shades of grey (?), but frankly I do not really care much. I will however (more…)

Tree in House

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alt: Tree in House

When a house disappears it is sad, but one hope there will be something new. Not many expect the new thing to be a tree in house. I have seen this many times in Portugal. In many abandon and old houses trees been growing for many years. This one is from Liege. It feels rather sad. Well, wait for tomorrows picture, you  may reconsider what is sad. (more…)

Smoker’s tree

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alt: Smoker’s tree

The whole story about stopping some habit is rather interesting. You do something you actually likes, but you know it is not good for you. So you try to convinced yourself that you do not like it and that way make it easier to stop. Not sure if it is the right way. Possible for each of us (more…)