Juice seller

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alt: Juice seller

One of the greatest thing in India, at least in my view is possibility to drink fresh very taste juices. You can find juice seller on every possible place, every corner, every park, street. Even in companies, one can (more…)


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alt: Segundo

The first week back home and you see it right away way, fewer posts. Segundo is not only the second floor where we lived in Barcelona, but Segundo is also the next week back home, starting in few days. What should I do in it?

Mailing List

I was wondering, those of you who are subscribed to received email notification of this blog, is it (more…)

Traffic in India

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alt: Traffic in India

Traffic in India is chapter on its own. Been there in last two weeks I experienced it all. I am back now and I have some stories to tell. I am not completely sure if I should do it now or later. Let me however tell you few of things which I have in mind. (more…)

Train track

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alt: Train track

It has been few days without internet connection on our trip. We moved from Prague through Trencin and Orava to Janska dolina at Liptov, Slovakia. I have made huge amount of images and we visited wonderful places and met great people. I think I will show you most of it later when I am back. There is so much. Today’s image will be completely universal, but still (more…)

Teaching Saturday

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alt: Teaching Saturday

This Saturday it was the third, or was it the fourth time, when I gave private, in person, photography lesson. Whole day, from morning until almost dinner time, I was explaining, helping and answering questions about photography. (more…)

Leaving Singapore

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Dear Friend,
today is the Friday and it is my last day in Singapore. After a week I am leaving this country/city. I have been here about twenty month ago and this is my second visit. I must say, frankly, I have forgotten many things from last time, but I have also remembered (more…)

Whole set of searching for David

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alt: Whole set of searching for David

So our story came to the End, we made it this summer in one wonderful day in great place Blaye near by Bordeaux in France. We did many many more shot and some will come certainly here in coming days, but this was enough for now. (more…)

Touch It!

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alt: Touch It!

I was very jealous of the image Dirk (JapanExposures) made at our trip to Ueno Zoo almost two weeks ago. I was going through my images and come with this one. I think it is not as good as (more…)

Shinagawa Segafredo

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alt: Shinagawa Segafredo

Every day I stop by this wonderful small cafe where I can get one of the best coffee I ever drink. Shinagawa Segafredo with its perfect service and friendly people is great place to start day or take a break from stressy one. (more…)

Gone fishing

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Dear friend,
Summer holiday is over and we really had a great ones. We did travel to foreign countries and enjoyed them very much.
Now I am again traveling this time more for business than for pleasure. But to keep balance I took with me my fishing bag. I never did fishing in my life and this time it is not exception, in my bag I do carry my light tripods, umbrellas, strobes and all other necessary equipment. This bag has (more…)