FujiFilm and Nikon

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alt: FujiFilm and Nikon

Last week I have converted all my Nikon equipment for use with new FujiFilm. All my Nikon speedlights are working with use of the same Cactus V6 remote triggering on X-E2S as well. There was nothing to do, I however updated Cactus V6 to the latest firmware. Next was remote trigger I was using with Nikon. The only thing which was needed was a new trigger cable. After that all is working. This means I will offer my Nikon with lenses for sale.

Best way to present a photo on a wall

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alt: Best way to present a photo on a wall

The question

I am planing (as you may know based on indications in previous posts) some step (not clear yet what, I know). For this I was wonder what is best way to prepare (print) photograph when you like to put photo on a wall. I mean not only what frame and pass-par tout (matt), but mainly what paper use and what glass if any. (more…)

SSD on Windows 7

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This time I am not going to write you about photography or any other kind of esoteric or cultural thoughts. This time it is pure computer note, so please feel free to take a look at my lat photograph if you do not feel like reading about SSD, RAID, CPU and similar. (more…)

New hosting

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It seems all is working fine. I have moved over the weekend my site to other provider of VPS services. Now this system is running in Xen based VPS. In case you find some problems with links or images not showing as it should please drop me a comment here

This move was not only to change provider, but also moved this side to use multi site version of WordPress as I am planning to lunch some more web sites and this way it will be easier to handle them.

fotomoto is not what it used to be

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It is now rather few years I was using fotomoto for selling my images. Those few years ago when I had problem and I wrote email to fotomoto i get reaction in less than hour. Eventually any problem was solved in few days. They created special JavaScript only for me, explained a lot things i missed. I wrote about them few times. I also wrote review on print quality from fotomoto.

Well few days ago I was tryin to setup new site where I planned to use fotomoto for producing and reseling postcards based on my photographs. I have selected and bough wonderful template theme for new site and installed fotomoto plugin. As expected there were some problems, but I counted on super support from fotomoto.

Not this time! Initial reaction was swift as before, but after few emails no solution and for last four days no answer, no reaction. It is sad, when good things die. RIP fotomoto.


Alexa, please come back!

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alt: Alexa, please come back!

It was back in 2009, when Dave Beckerman started the experiment how web site owners could help each other with increasing of theirs web sites visibility. I have joined that effort by writing post entitled Proposal for increasing of Alexa rating. As you can see at that point Alexa rating of my web was bellow 1.2 milion. (more…)

DropBox at the end

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I knew about DropBox for a while now, but I never really feel comfortable with storing my files on somebody’s else computer. You may tell all about security and protection, but I am (was) always a bit paranoid about these things. It has probably something (more…)

Search for PDF reader tablet

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Last few days I was in search for good way to read PDF books I have acquired. These are books with complex layout, graphs and text in multiple fonts. In case of such books re-flowing of pdf can not help with readability on small device as iPhone as many features of the original text and layout will be lost. (more…)

Running VPS now

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alt: Running VPS now

Dear friends, as you may know in last few weeks, yes it is already so long, I was moving my web site to different providers and did a lot of testing. More than ten days ago I made decision and I chose to stay with VPS provider (more…)

VPS and it’s mirracles

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I know, you are tired of this. I only like to tell you that now this pages are served from VPS hosting  somewhere in USA. I like the freedom VPS (virtual private hosting) gave you. As usual with freedom there are responsibilities. One of them is that I need to (more…)