Today morning

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alt: Today morning

Today morning, was another great day to wake up. Sun was on deep blue sky, crossed on all possible angles by white traces of jet engines. No, this is not what I really like, but such is a reality here. When I got to our garden, I couldn’t resist to take picture(s). Yes, whole bunch of them. I was like a small boy having (more…)

Sunny day road

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alt: Sunny day road

Well there is not that many sunny days in front of us. Autumn is running its days. This Sunny day road photographs I capture while I was biking at the south of the Netherlands. The light and especially the cleanness of the air was wonderful. I couldn’t resist. Another reason why I stopped in this 70 km long bike trip was that I was last one anyway. Some nine or so (more…)

Golden morning

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alt: Golden morning

Yes, golden morning, but still dark. One of those mornings before summer time, when winter still had its teeth in the nature. Image was captured in between houses in small city even it looks like out in the fields.


tree trunk

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alt: tree trunk

On our biking trip in the south of Moravia, we had a beautiful day. Well, first half of it was charming, the second become colder. The sun, especially when beaming low, creates all those nice shadows. While passing (more…)


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alt: sunflowers

It may be too much Sun for those sunflowers, who knows. Did you expect to have another part of the series from Brno? Well I am sorry to tell you this, the story has ended by discovering the coat at railing. What follows are (more…)

Black dog and white dog

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alt: Black dog and white dog

We have one at home, white dog. His name is Bobby and we love him very much. You can imagine how nice it was the other day when we were sitting at the edge of lake and those two dogs ran towards us. White dog and black one. Together they quickly emerge from a forest behind. Jumped around and (more…)

Forgotten portrait

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alt: Forgotten portrait

I have almost forgot about the following portrait. After the set of those, I was quite sure I showed you all I made in last week or two. I made this one in a certain, unconsciousness way. Frankly, Ema discovered it on my camera just a half hour later, when she was looking through the images we created. This was mother’s day, Sunday, and she prepared this celebration. We had a great (more…)


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alt: Prive

In such a calm and sunny days as yesterday, one really find some “prive” spaces. Not that you need it at such a moment. Mostly you would enjoy it exactly in days when life around you is very busy. Sometimes, I really do like these abandon places. Benches in corner of a park or wooden chair in shadow (more…)

Haarlemse beer in Maastricht

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alt: Haarlemse beer in Maastricht

Wonderful first day of May. Something Communists always wished for, in old days. People in streets, sunny day, warm, cherry trees in blossom, excellent. I am glad that I do not have to walk in stupid parades. We had this day in Maastricht and right after the arrival I have celebrated it with (more…)

Sun rise in France

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alt: Sun rise in France

Once again we have been traveling. As always I took my camera and drive around in the mornings. I have made some images which will remind me the beauty of this country. Here is one quick, just to let you see what I have seen, more to come… (more…)