summer behind a fence

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alt: summer behind a fence

I felt it, I really did. The summer behind a fence. After I found that garden house, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get there. As I was following the fence, I have seen many beautiful wild bushes and trees. Looking for the way in, I had (more…)

forgotten garden house

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alt: forgotten garden house

While walking to the hill above the city, one early morning, I stumbled across this house. This forgotten summer house stayed there between vegetables and trees. Sunbathing in first rays of a day. I suddenly felt (more…)

Sunday Streets

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alt: Sunday Streets

Once there is hot summer and Sunday, the streets of a city have a special feel. Sunday streets are empty, hot and slow. As a tourist, you try to avoid the crowd and you walk through small streets. This often lead to discovering unexpected things. (more…)

People on a street

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alt: People on a street

People on a street, did you missed them? In my last post I was talking about walking streets. Both images in that post contains no people. It is not that I was avoiding them, but if I take image with people they must have some kind of purpose there. (more…)

Streets of a city

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alt: Streets of a city

Now living in an apartment in the middle of the bigger city, I am starting to understand what that really mean. I am a person who likes quiet. This is certainly not what you find in common streets of a city. Every morning I am awake up by (more…)

Train track

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alt: Train track

It has been few days without internet connection on our trip. We moved from Prague through Trencin and Orava to Janska dolina at Liptov, Slovakia. I have made huge amount of images and we visited wonderful places and met great people. I think I will show you most of it later when I am back. There is so much. Today’s image will be completely universal, but still (more…)

Black dog and white dog

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alt: Black dog and white dog

We have one at home, white dog. His name is Bobby and we love him very much. You can imagine how nice it was the other day when we were sitting at the edge of lake and those two dogs ran towards us. White dog and black one. Together they quickly emerge from a forest behind. Jumped around and (more…)

Forgotten portrait

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alt: Forgotten portrait

I have almost forgot about the following portrait. After the set of those, I was quite sure I showed you all I made in last week or two. I made this one in a certain, unconsciousness way. Frankly, Ema discovered it on my camera just a half hour later, when she was looking through the images we created. This was mother’s day, Sunday, and she prepared this celebration. We had a great (more…)

Summer street

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alt: Summer street

In these dark days, and this time I mean weather, I needed some sun, to warm me up and give me some energy spark. I found this summer street in my photo library. I do not want to (more…)

Summer Ema

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alt: Summer Ema