Prehistory in a vase

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alt: Prehistory in a vase

Did you know why I call it prehistory in vase? I learned, when I was small boy that these plants, plants we have in our garden or we see in forests as rather smaller bushes, those use to be huge trees. I always like their fractal like structure. It is rather amazing how (more…)

me in a bottle

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alt: me in a bottle

It was quite a full day as well as last week. When I woke up today I decided it is a time for next photograph. Therefore, before I went to do all kinds of things and even before I went outside with Bobby, the dog. I put me in a bottle. Can you see me there? (more…)

Jan a portrait of an optimist

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alt: Jan a portrait of an optimist

I know Jan for few years now. Not really very well, he is not somebody I grew with. Always when I meet him I envy his optimistic view of the world. His calmness and intelligence with a just right hit of humor. I tried (more…)


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alt: richo

richo, is my nick name. I invented is some years ago, I believe about time I finished university and start working in it and I need some proper email name. was my ever first email address. Only later I have found (more…)

After Egg Country

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alt: After Egg Country

After Egg Country is another kitchen grab placed n front of camera. No particular reason, just walking through the kitchen into my micro studio. I take what is by the hand, today Eggs shells, you may call it different. (more…)

Leaving space

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alt: Leaving space

Leaving space, which I know. Going crazy where I never been. I will try. I had set the course and starting to paddle, maybe wind will come to help me too. As many smart people said: Help your self and God help you too. Or keep curious with routine, right P? (more…)

The Flowers

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alt: The Flowers

The Flowers all over the place. Winter is over, spring too. I am bringing some for you too. It is time for me to get out of the winter sleep and try something new. Could you guess what it is? (more…)

Cactus V6 profiling for unknown TTL speed-light

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alt: Cactus V6 profiling for unknown TTL speed-light

I have started with quite a speed this year, didn’t I? It looks, based on last few days as if I have lost a breath. Well not really, but instead of spending my time posting things I was actually doing things. You may remember that I have purchased some strobe related equipment. Cactus V6 it was. Very interesting TX/RX for remote controlling of the strobe (flash) (more…)

Latest purchases

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alt: Latest purchases

You may notice that D. (guess who) is publishing on G+ (guess where) all the small things he does during days related with photography. I must say I like it. As he wrote his reason is to have sort of log and feedback what he did and how often he did it. (more…)

The Lost

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alt: The Lost

I may change the Lost title, but for now it is the best I could come with this morning and yesterday evening. Some of the images from this set you have seen before. I only feel that they deserve little more attention. I am not only going to (more…)