Cactus V6 profiling for unknown TTL speed-light

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alt: Cactus V6 profiling for unknown TTL speed-light

I have started with quite a speed this year, didn’t I? It looks, based on last few days as if I have lost a breath. Well not really, but instead of spending my time posting things I was actually doing things. You may remember that I have purchased some strobe related equipment. Cactus V6 it was. Very interesting TX/RX for remote controlling of the strobe (flash) (more…)

Latest purchases

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alt: Latest purchases

You may notice that D. (guess who) is publishing on G+ (guess where) all the small things he does during days related with photography. I must say I like it. As he wrote his reason is to have sort of log and feedback what he did and how often he did it. (more…)

The Lost

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alt: The Lost

I may change the Lost title, but for now it is the best I could come with this morning and yesterday evening. Some of the images from this set you have seen before. I only feel that they deserve little more attention. I am not only going to (more…)

Me and my wine

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alt: Me and my wine

After all those nice and clean almost like advertisement photos I got taste tonight for something else. (more…)

Olga at the 13th floor

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alt: Olga at the 13th floor

This is one of the last shots I have made at the strobist workshop of David Tejada in London last week. It was made using one light beamed through the bouncer at the hotel balcony. In previous post you can see setup. It is a last image from the set of four. (more…)

Strobist workshop with David Tejada

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alt: Strobist workshop with David Tejada

Last Wednesday I have attended strobist workshop  by David Tejada. He presented it under the name Small Strobes Big Results in London. I had a wonderful time, not only by seeing my old friend in London and walking this intense city. I liked the way David’s workshop was done. In this eight podcast I am talking more about my impressions from this one day event. Whole Europe tour of David Tejada was organized (more…)

Olga in London

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alt: Olga in London

I know, I am too late. Here are, at least few shots I had take in London’s strobist workshop with David Tejada last  Wednesday. There is more to come and I also like to write and maybe even tell you about the workshop itself. Following top three photographs, were taken with simple (more…)

Some news

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alt: Some news

Today I have put back Remembering Childhood series as well as option to purchase prints from it. I am planning to write special post about this series very soon as I like to cover all things which happens to this body of work from its creation back in 2006. You know all expositions, movies, book prints and more.

Another interesting things which seems to be finalized in last few days is my work on cover for the book. Interesting is that after working (more…)

You do not want to drink this

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alt: You do not want to drink this

You need to take days of your life, one by one. Sometimes you thirsty and you like the taste of a drink, but other times you only sipping, so disgusting it is. You have to drink it all until the glass is empty and you never know how big is the glass and how much drink is left! (more…)

Is there a way out?

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Another two images, from my last work with strobes. I am curious what you see and what you think about. Let me know, would be quite interesting what different people think about these images before I tell anything. So will you be the first? (more…)