Train track

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alt: Train track

It has been few days without internet connection on our trip. We moved from Prague through Trencin and Orava to Janska dolina at Liptov, Slovakia. I have made huge amount of images and we visited wonderful places and met great people. I think I will show you most of it later when I am back. There is so much. Today’s image will be completely universal, but still (more…)

Babia hora

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alt: Babia hora

And because our friend is missing all the beauty of the winter, here is one from February of this year in Slovakia. I would love to have this winter like this or even better! (more…)

walking for milk

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alt: walking for milk

I have spend last hour or two looking at old images I made with film cameras. It brought such a nostalgic feeling and lot of great memories. You may have seen this image before, but here it is again as it has more in it the usual. It is short of family snapshot, but has feeling of child. Made by film (more…)

On the footbridge

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alt: On the footbridge

And this is how it did look from the footbridge itself. It was beautiful, unstable and cold. After this I looked left and right, made some careful step towards the front. Holden my breath, captured some images. Move few dozen centimeters back, turn to other side. Hit the chain (more…)

The footbridge

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alt: The footbridge

The footbridge has been mentioned in last blog post and on one more as well. Yes the footbridge. You can it and photograph attached  to this post. I was wondering through the snow behind the village and feeling really happy from all that beauty. Following path of the river I eventually found this footbridge. You see it, it looks to me rather (more…)

One more from the footbridge

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alt: One more from the footbridge

Yesterday I wrote about the footbridge, the one you have not seen yet (maybe in few hours). I think I have one more image from that place, which is quite fine. Here it is: (more…)

On a footbridge

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alt: On a footbridge

While I was walking pass the river, I first found wooden shed and later very simple footbridge. I must admit I was a bit unsure if I should climb on it and get on other side of the river. After I realize what photo opportunity it can bring I step on frozen and ice covered trunk, which I called here footbridge. I may show it to you in next photograph. (more…)

Steaming river

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alt: Steaming river

I was following this small river and found places where stream was more active and ice was not forming on the water. Because air was much much colder then water, I could clearly see vapors and steam coming our of water. However, not on this picture: (more…)

What is great on the winter.

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alt: What is great on the winter.

What is great on the winter is that if you do not fight it you may as well go to bad very early. We did regularly before 21:00. This makes it for you quite easy to wake up before seven morning. Each day morning (except today) I went and write my thought from the day before. But today I dressed myself as soon as (more…)

river’s way

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alt: river’s way

I am posting this and following images ten days later then I exposed them. I however, decided to assign the date of publishing same day as they were captured. Reason behind it is attempt to let you experience what I did experience when I was there. I know that this is far-fetched, especially (more…)