Smoke in a prison – view on stress

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alt: Smoke in a prison – view on stress

Smoke in prison, is an photograph which you may have seen before. As I told you few days ago, I seems to be going over the images from Japan. Especially those from period when I started to use that blur filter of mine. This image was captured same day as the Japanese forest. It is now, ten years ago. I gave it same feeling in color, which should keep same mood. (more…)

Japanese forest

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alt: Japanese forest

Oh it is long ten years ago. In those days I have visited Japan quite often, I mean two sometimes even three times per year for around five years. If I remember correctly. Photograph in this post is little special. It is one of the first I made with that blurred lens technique. Technique I invented in Japan. I do not have any special name for the image, nor there is any special story. It is simple one of the first images done with a shaving gel on UV filter. (more…)

Forest’s path

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alt: Forest’s path

Somehow I am attracted to the forest’s paths. Not sure why it is, maybe that way which is there, lined up it that chaos of tree branches. I also enjoy black and white, as you may know. Majority of you are not really crazy (more…)

Which b&w

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alt: Which b&w

After of some interesting list of views on which one is better (here and on twitter) I decide to play a little bit more with the b&w version. As a result there is new version in this post. To better see the difference (more…)

Friends walking

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alt: Friends walking

After few days of cold, sunny and snow days all that optimism is gone in rainy and grey days. I find it very depressive and sometimes even difficult to go on. So I went and I play with some older images. I have discover another candidate for Serene Mind series. Sometimes it is really eye opener (more…)

Two souls in a dark forest

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alt: Two souls in a dark forest

A new image in the Serene Mind set. (more…)

Serene Mind being updated

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alt: Serene Mind being updated

I have added few new images to the Serene Mind project. Set to printer those five new images to be printed for group exposition I am going to do in October for Czech-Slovak friends club in The Netherlands with other artist. I have also designed (more…)

Because I like when people talk to me

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alt: Because I like when people talk to me

This is just short message, mainly it goes for ‏@nidpor  who has talk to me and apretiate my work on twitter few days ago. I was so inspired by his iterest that I looked at my images and played with one. Here it is: (more…)

New town Old town

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alt: New town Old town

I had talk today with my son about how was my life when I was in his age. Discussion turn to me telling him memories fro my childhood and comparing then with life we live today. Difference is huge. It is not huge in all the things we have now we didn’t have then, nor it is in direction now we live in west then we lived in east. It all went more about what was important (more…)

Walk in a Park

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alt: Walk in a Park

Today was a day of walk in a Park. You may ask: do you need a special day for it? No you don’t, but some days turns out better for walk then others. Today we had a good day. The image, which you can see under this few lines was taken some years ago. It was taken in the moment when (more…)