Selling all my Nikon setup

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alt: Selling all my Nikon setup

I am selling Nikon setup. My complete set of Nikon D800 camera and two lenses with many extras.

My Nikon set is sold, what is over for whoever may be interested is still following lenses 85/1.8D AF, 28/2.8D AF and D300 body.

For people in The Netherlands, you can take a look at Marktplaast.  For the rest of you, if you have interest this is what is for sale: (more…)

Nikon D300 and two lenses for sale

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Dear friends,

I have decided to upgrade and therefore I offer my current camera and two basic lenses for sale. If you interested please drop the comment. Price is fixed and for this pack it is 600 euro. First come first served. Camera and 50/1.8 lens are in perfect order the zoom lens I bought second hand myself. Works fine for me. You will get charger, strap and SanDisk extreme CF  4GB card with it.


Nikon D300 + 50/1.8 + 18-55/3.5-5.6 Nikkor

for sale

Winter Postcards

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alt: Winter Postcards

New update: If you like to express your view on winter postcards please join discussion/question at my facebook page 

Almost every day I am walking through the corridor in which images from my Remembering Childhood project are hanging on the wall. It is now already few years. I think it is enough. Let take it down! Hey, let’s wait! What should I put there instead? I would love to place my Serene Mind set there, but those images are often misunderstood and not appreciated. (more…)

Time for pressents

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As every year and this year soon will start time when we all will look for something to make our close people happy. Something they may like and enjoy. Something we use as expression of our feelings.

Some years ago I offered through my own shop prints of my images. In last year I am using fotomoto to print and deliver my images. This is very useful for many of my customers as over 93% of you are residents (more…)

Not sure

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alt: Not sure

I always wonder, what are or what could be the people who like my images so much that they would spend money for them. When I meet somebody I sometimes think if he or she would be that person who I like to be the buyer or better say owner of my artwork. I am sure that I am not alone in hope (more…)

Serene Mind – prints and cards for sale

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Dear Friend,
In a last days I was working hard on bringing back print sales of my photographs. This week I start officially to sell. In this (more…)

My last film for sale

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In less than 24 hours this advertisement is not valid anymore, both of my film are sold now. I have some more analog stuff to sale. If you like to give me a offer, you may do so until I put them on eBay. I am planning to sale, Nikon F80 with battery grip, Nikon F100, and 50/1.8 AF-D lens. All in perfect state and for F80 set of new batteries.

My last two bulk rolls of Fuji Neopan for sale. One 400 and one 1600 ISO.

Photo gear sale

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Oct, 2011: Even now in 2011 more than two years after this message was posted there are still some items for sale.

I have made decision. It is about time. I am going to sell some of my photo stuff I do not use anymore. Some filters, lens, some film bodies, photo bag, some film and more.

If you have interest about something, just leave me a note I may have it. I think it is better if somebody can use it that it is setting here.

This is a short list I may have more:

  • Tokina AT-X Pro 20-35 1:2.8 Nikon mount lens with lens hood
  • Nikon F80 camera
  • Nikkor 50/1.8 lens
  • Nikkon neck strap – black with yellow letters
  • Yashica Electro 35 with battery adapter for current type of batteries
  • Nikon Speedlight SB-28 flash
  • Nikon F100 camera body
  • Fotospeed FD-1- 5 liter one shot developer
  • Polaroid IMage System camera
  • Leather cover for Olumpus OM series cameras with standard lens
  • Fomapan 200 100ft 30.5m roll – expire date Mar.2009
  • Film puller – Hama
  • Diafin – two bath developer
  • Tetenal Emofin – two bath developer
  • Fujifilm – super prodol, developer
  • 3x Kodak Tri-X 400 pro TX120 5 rolls pack – expire date Jan 2001
  • Kodak Tri-X Pan TX120 5 rolls pack – expire date Oct 1999

List is a bit longer but I am tired to list all the filters. If you looking for some, just leave a note and I tell you if I have it or not.

Shop closed

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I decided to close my web store for a while. There are more reasons, but primary is that I like to do it better. If you like to have print anyway for some very special reason, please contact me directly using comment on this page.

Update: Feb 2010. There will be new gallery for selling of photography prints open in coming weeks. I would be happy if you express your interest by leaving comment in this post. That will inspire mi to speed up the process.

Thank you for your interest and see you soon.

Dutch landscape triplet

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alt: Dutch landscape triplet

Few days ago I have printed three small images and place them to very nice frames. They create nice triplet of Dutch landscape. It was gift to our friend Roy. After I made them I took fee images as they stayed at our home. I was thinking maybe it would be far better to offer for sale (more…)