Blind future

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alt: Blind future

Blind future says: This is the way to go! You close your eyes. You walk in the direction. You are not the only one, everybody goes. Everybody is blind as the future. At the end everybody is surprised (more…)


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alt: Warship

It looks like warship, doesn’t it? We have seen it in Prague. The last day of May, as you may know, we had been there. While eating on the other side of the road (which you can see on the right side of the picture) we heard (more…)

On Prague’s street

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alt: On Prague’s street

We walked a lot and seen quite some places  but even then we didn’t exhausted ourselves as we visit mostly places where normal life is going on. Like this (more…)

On the road to “Na Výtoni”

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alt: On the road to “Na Výtoni”

As I wrote, in my previous post Na Výtoni, we have seen many things as we walk for almost hour from our place there. We both liked the fact that we avoided busy roads and turists attractions and dived into the side roads, where normal people live and work. Waiting for the ambulance at the hospital from the last post, or taking car from (more…)


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alt: Dinner

Then we had a dinner at my favorite place called “Na Výtoni”. We could go by public transport or TAXI. We decided to have a walk after 9 hours of drive it was quite good exercise. We passed nice and interesting places like the one on the next picture. Being in UK I would say it is Oxford, but (more…)

Arriving in Prague

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alt: Arriving in Prague

Yesterday we arrived in Prague. We had rather interesting entrance as we were driving more then 70  minutes in such a heavy rain I do not remember. It was poring as if somebody would turn the bucket in the sky. After we arrived rain was (more…)

Two whiskeys, two friends

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alt: Two whiskeys, two friends

What to add, I ask? Nothing! I answer.


Travel to Drupal country

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alt: Travel to Drupal country

Today is the foggy day. I am sitting in the train, sitting and watching all this fog lying on the fields. I am on a journey to the Drupal country. DrupalCon is in Prague and that is the place I will be in few hours. Looking forward to be there, meet people and learn. I want to learn a lot.
Only my eye is a bit of problem. Last week I have got something to scratch it. When I visited a doctor he look in it and found no foreign objects only scratches. I have got some gel, which I am using for a week, but my eye has still some blood in it. I also feel dry scratching sensation every time I move with it. I am bit worried.
In any case, it has been while, since I have been so hungry to learn and discover as it is now. I am sure this week in Prague will be great.


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alt: Prague

Two weeks ago, yes it is already so long even it doesn’t feel at all. I was in Prague at that time. I have spent days working and evenings meeting friends. It was very enjoyable week. I have not made many images, but one Saturday morning (more…)

in a tunnel series

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alt: in a tunnel series

By the last picture I have published few hours ago I have finished small series called “in a tunnel”. It was just a little experiment of making three prints (more…)