Summer street

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alt: Summer street

In these dark days, and this time I mean weather, I needed some sun, to warm me up and give me some energy spark. I found this summer street in my photo library. I do not want to (more…)

a Tower

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alt: a Tower

This strange tower, waiting at the end of a pier, become for me some kind of symbol. You have no idea what it is, nor why it is there. You are not sure if it is even real. It has however a magical force, which brings me to it. A symbol, a tower. (more…)

Post Box

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alt: Post Box

In these days of early dark and long nights I am lodging for summer time with long days and a lot of lights. Those moments when your eye become a bit blurry from the moisture caused by direct light. You walk, in attempt to (more…)

Road in portugal

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alt: Road in portugal

I love that country, Portugal. I think I will come there this year again. (more…)

No title

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alt: No title


Country of the Sun

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alt: Country of the Sun

Yes you can call Algrave, south of Portugal, by that name. I drive a little in land in last three days. This is shot from my iPhone. I have more images in camera. (more…)

Waiting for the piece of meat

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alt: Waiting for the piece of meat

It was in August this year during our stay in Portugal. Santa Maria de Feira. If I remember it correctly. And a lot of meat (more…)

SUBIDA – rise

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alt: SUBIDA – rise

Similar image to the one from last time. This time it is from Portugal’s nice town Porto. These are the stairs on the old central market place.
What should I write more, I ask? I have no idea. (more…)

Jump over

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alt: Jump over

Somehow this week I am pulled back to look at all the images I have made in Portugal. This one is from the first day of our visit. At certain moment I’d catch Ema in the air. (more…)

Burning Sun

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alt: Burning Sun

Visual Emotion, you can imagine many things behind such a title. One direct could be something like photo in this post. (more…)