Showing an another way

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alt: Showing an another way

Showing an another way could be the only possibility. When we are young we search for examples, idols. We follow things which are interesting and we form opinions how the life works. We are influenced by many and it is hard to make the right choice, even harder to know what the right is. Examples we select as the right ones, (more…)

Face is changed

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alt: Face is changed

My face changes as time is moving forward. So far I have not find a way to reverse its direction. Therefore I have changed my portrait picture. It is quite recent, three days ago I believe. What stroked me, while doing this change, was how I did change in last few years. (more…)

Jan a portrait of an optimist

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alt: Jan a portrait of an optimist

I know Jan for few years now. Not really very well, he is not somebody I grew with. Always when I meet him I envy his optimistic view of the world. His calmness and intelligence with a just right hit of humor. I tried (more…)


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alt: richo

richo, is my nick name. I invented is some years ago, I believe about time I finished university and start working in it and I need some proper email name. was my ever first email address. Only later I have found (more…)

Bajko VI – MMXVI

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alt: Bajko VI – MMXVI

There are people and there are magicians. Bajko is of the second sort, not because he can take rabbit from an empty hat. It is because he can create sound, where there is none. There are very few magicians, often they (more…)


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alt: Juliána

Juliana, is second half of Jan. As we use to say, the better half ;-) She is magician in a kitchen and very knowledgeable in arts, of all kind, even the fine one. She is most of the time very busy, always active with something. She invited me recently to see photo exhibition of (more…)


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alt: Jan

This is Jan, our friend. Always in good mood and always very friendly. We have visited him and Juliana few days ago in their house. We had great time, perfect discussions and excellent dinner. Often these kind of Saturday visits becomes sort of obligation. This is not a case of Jan and Juliana. I must say, we (more…)

Forgotten portrait

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alt: Forgotten portrait

I have almost forgot about the following portrait. After the set of those, I was quite sure I showed you all I made in last week or two. I made this one in a certain, unconsciousness way. Frankly, Ema discovered it on my camera just a half hour later, when she was looking through the images we created. This was mother’s day, Sunday, and she prepared this celebration. We had a great (more…)

Italian musician four

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alt: Italian musician four

This is the end of Italian musician set. Also for now end of portrait series. Number four in this picture was playing drum. Yes single one drum, there is certainly specific name for that kind drum, but I know it only in Slovak. We called it rhythm drum. He seems to be sort of leader of this group and as you can see he was in discussion when I was taking his images. I made about ten exposures in hope he will turn to me and I could catch his eyes. Well, as you may expect he didn’t. (more…)

Italian musician two

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alt: Italian musician two

Here we go, Italian musician number two. After I have showed you number one and three, here on request of Andrej, the technically faulty photograph of Italian musician number two. To make it more interesting, I placed it to old developer, throw some dust on it, scratched it a bit, leak some light and only then put it in fixer. I did that only for few seconds, therefore be quick with looking, (more…)