Hiking in Poland

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alt: Hiking in Poland

At the end of August I was hiking in Poland for three days. This picture is from the first day trip and you can compare the therein with two picture from my hiking in The Netherlands. I must honestly say that I prefer color (more…)


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alt: Kristian

Christmas 2003, visiting friends in Poland, Krakow. It was lovely time and lot of fun. Kids were small, joy was huge and we were young. (more…)

Going to Prison

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alt: Going to Prison

Editing this image yesterday night was kind of pleasant after having day alone. I wonder at the end how should I call this image. The cage like building on left side reminds me bird cage, what a matter of fact is a prison. The two persons on the right are approaching it, my feel is, that is not completely (more…)

Walking a Bridge

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alt: Walking a Bridge

That day, I had a good day. Day when things go easier and you have pleasure and feel good. Special for Paul, as he likes the previous image so much, I made this one (and one coming tomorrow ;-) We (me & Paul) were thinking to (more…)


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alt: Silhouette

Another monochrome, black and white image, this time from park in Warsaw. Not that it has any importance for the picture. Please note that blur of this image is not done by any digital modification of the image. Not that it has any importance. What is important for me is to know what do you see and feel when you look at it. And yes, please feel free to feel nothing, but (more…)

Dancing chairs

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alt: Dancing chairs

Three chairs dancing in the wind on the meadow of the huge park in Warsaw. I visited that place last Sunday. It is great if city has such a huge place for their people to enjoy space and little free movement between (more…)

As an Old Memory

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alt: As an Old Memory

Did you notice that your old visual memories are changing with time. They become warmer, foggier and more positive. We tend to forget negative feelings, at least I do. Sometimes very quickly. Some feelings and memories are merged together creating trace of non existing situation. As I attempt to recreate it in this image, (more…)

Stairs to the money

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alt: Stairs to the money

When I was in Moscow some year or two ago I visited one of those huge skyscraper from Stalin’s age. There is one from 1956 here in Warsaw as well. It was not as easy (surprisingly) accessible as in Moscow University, but anyway I have found a way to get to one place where nobody was. I went up to the stairs, (more…)

Saturday in Warsaw

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alt: Saturday in Warsaw

Today I was walking on the streets of Poland capital, Warsaw. And I was surprised myself that I see many nice places to take picture of. It was more as relax than hunting for something. This easy mood, lovely weather and nice people allowed me to enjoy this Saturday with camera in hand. Warsaw reminds me quite a lot Stockholm. That kind of (more…)

Drinking – Night by The Lake 5/5

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alt: Drinking – Night by The Lake 5/5

This was the last view of that night. On the other side of this drinking groups was the lake we descended down and drove off, back to the city. That was one evening I have spent with friends by The Lake in The middle of Krakow, Poland.