Streets of a city

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alt: Streets of a city

Now living in an apartment in the middle of the bigger city, I am starting to understand what that really mean. I am a person who likes quiet. This is certainly not what you find in common streets of a city. Every morning I am awake up by (more…)

Girls from Trenčín

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alt: Girls from Trenčín

Second destination on our trip was Trenčín. The city, which I knew from my childhood. My grand parents lived there. Trenčín was for me always the city of young people, colors and ice cream. First evening after our arrival we went to the center of the city. We couldn’t miss nice walk to the famous Trenčín castle. Before I show you images from it, I would like to temper your (more…)

Italian musician one

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alt: Italian musician one

When the Austro Dutch guy left, music was not playing, only the Italian musicians were dismounting their instruments and wires. I was talking to Viera, drinking a beer. In certain moment I saw them, talking to each other in that specific Italian way. I got the feeling I want to capture their faces, so I step out of the table and when to them. (more…)

Be Careful

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alt: Be Careful

I know and I try to be careful. In any case I have decided to make stretch and post one more image from Liege. Why? Maybe because it is a new month starting today? Maybe it is a fool’s day today? Maybe…. I will receive surprise today, maybe there will be my name day soon? And probably because I wanted to. (more…)

Telle Mere – Telle Fille

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alt: Telle Mere – Telle Fille

Telle Mere … Telle Fille, is what I read in the image as a name of the venues where this couple is reading menu, I suppose. This is the photograph which didn’t made it to my top ten from the Liege. Some people suggest that Tree in House is not very strong and I may agree, but as we all know it is personal. (more…)

Educating in Photography

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alt: Educating in Photography

Sitting here with headache, being ill for last ten days is not really fun. This influenza took me quite down. First days I was week and lay in bed. Then, I though, it was going better and I started to do some writing, reading. Last two days it is really not fun, I even went to doctor to consult if I shouldn’t get some antibiotics or another more serious treatment then tea, honey, bad and quiet sleep.

That is however not the reason while I write this journal entry. (more…)

I wish I could

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alt: I wish I could

I wish I could show you some new picture. I can not, because I didn’t spent any time on creating some. The reason, is the topic of today letter to you, dear reader. You may remember my writings about topics like, nothing has really sense, why should I bother, what is the point and similar. Well let us see. (more…)

Three seconds

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alt: Three seconds

Once we look at the picture in these days, we move further in less then 3 seconds. We do it even if we find something interesting it that photograph. We don’t do it only with images, it feels like we do it with everything. You jump the moments, you don’t enjoy your time. You flip it away, in three seconds finite sequence until you die. (more…)

Teaching Saturday

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alt: Teaching Saturday

This Saturday it was the third, or was it the fourth time, when I gave private, in person, photography lesson. Whole day, from morning until almost dinner time, I was explaining, helping and answering questions about photography. (more…)