August Sander in Koln

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alt: August Sander in Koln

Last weekend Saturday I was invited by D to come to Köln (I was thought not to change name of town, but you may know it under Cologne, Germany). The occasion was exposition of August Sander. Please excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea at first, (more…)

What can you do?

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alt: What can you do?

Today morning I turn on my iPad to see what interesting I can find on twitter. I like that medium as I have choice to filter who I trust. French photographer Vincent Bonnefond @VBonnefond has shared link to video about National Geographic (more…)

An Amateur Photographer

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alt: An Amateur Photographer

With this short notice I would like to invite you to visit new web site of Jeffrey Paul Howard called nicely An Amateur Photographer. Jeff is internet friend of mine for couple of years and I envy his strong drive to keep in photography (more…)

Published in fstopmagazine

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alt: Published in fstopmagazine

Two of my images where today published in latest issue #45 of fstopmagazine. Whole issue is about Abstract photography. I like very much the images of (more…)

And now with audio!

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alt: And now with audio!

Dear friend, today is here something new. Something I was thinking about rather long time. One day it just happen. Audio! Podcast! Let see how does it turns out. If you should have some problems with this audio post, please let me know. Should be accessible through RSS reader and web as well. (more…)


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belegouAgain today I have post on front page work of other photographer. I received email today from Jean-Claude Belegou. I did exchange some conversation with him quite some months ago. Today again I remember his excellent work. I have to mentioned another series he did back in eighties. It is Le corps. I like his older black and white very much. You really need to go to his site and take look for your self. I am sure you find a lot inspiring work there.

Taras Kuščinskij – Taras Kuscynskyj

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alt: Taras Kuščinskij – Taras Kuscynskyj

Taras Kuščinskij - from the cycle Dana (1972)
Almost on year ago exactly I have written few lines about Czech photographer Taras Kuščinskij. I have three postcards of his prints
on my wall. I visited exposition in summer where he has few photographs. I know his work for long time. He is not between us anymore, he died in 1983 on deadly illness. (more…)

Machiel BOTMAN

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alt: Machiel BOTMAN

Monday I have seen a book by Dutch photographer Machiel BOTMAN named Heartbeat. After flipping pages full of these amazing photographs I realize how far I am from it. I liked very much his images full of tender and symbols. (more…)

Taras Kuscynskyj

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Yesterday I knew I have this meeting of the portfolio club. You know I mentioned it before, group of people discussing they own work and giving each other mostly honest opinion. We always bring some work we like to discus of we think it is interesting and we (more…)


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alt: Testimonial

I have received today this email and I really need to put it here. You probably know what it feels like when somebody writes words like this about you. I am honored.