Italian musician one

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alt: Italian musician one

When the Austro Dutch guy left, music was not playing, only the Italian musicians were dismounting their instruments and wires. I was talking to Viera, drinking a beer. In certain moment I saw them, talking to each other in that specific Italian way. I got the feeling I want to capture their faces, so I step out of the table and when to them. (more…)

Three times book

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alt: Three times book

Three times book? Same book you ask? Yes same, but let me explain you the whole story how did I ended up with producing three times book, while learning a lot about quality and possibilities of three different printing houses. (more…)

Frozen road

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alt: Frozen road

Following image is next in line for my Serene Mind project. Funny is that as this project started few years ago with going out for photo adventure with Jacco, it does continues with (more…)

For my friends

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alt: For my friends

It is only few days we have started this New Year 2012. First day of this year I was visiting my parents and I met or talked over a phone with many of my friends from past. I was not able to meet with all of them, but as days goes by almost every day my thought come to another friends, with who I have not have a chance to be. I find it very pity that these connections (more…)

A Way out

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alt: A Way out

Each of us will want to get out one day. We will want to find the way out. And I believe it is good. Change is good in general, especially one we choose to do ourselves. It keeps us in focus, keeps us interested. Stagnation is ill. When I relax by lying on the bed watching the sealing, it is all one flat surface, mostly boring. I know you need that (more…)

Winter Postcards

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alt: Winter Postcards

New update: If you like to express your view on winter postcards please join discussion/question at my facebook page 

Almost every day I am walking through the corridor in which images from my Remembering Childhood project are hanging on the wall. It is now already few years. I think it is enough. Let take it down! Hey, let’s wait! What should I put there instead? I would love to place my Serene Mind set there, but those images are often misunderstood and not appreciated. (more…)

What’s behind the edge?

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alt: What’s behind the edge?

Are you always so curious what is behind the know? On the other side, behind the edge? Or you not so active anymore, with you age adding year by year your this feeling of being interested to unknown is less and less? (more…)

Mystik is back!

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alt: Mystik is back!

Yes my friends! It did happened. Today after few days of absence I look back to my twitter and notice that Jeremias Kazinsky is again publishing his series of shorts stories entitled “Dialogs with Mystic”. Of course many of you do not master the art of Slovak language and only what I can tell you is you are missing a lot. (more…)

When a Photograph is piece of art?

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alt: When a Photograph is piece of art?

The other day I wrote email to fellow photographer. The email was about my view on his photography work. I met him first time at the pages of Adore Noire magazine, where we both were featured among few more photographers. His work stroked me as something I was searching for long time (more…)