Selling all my Nikon setup

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alt: Selling all my Nikon setup

I am selling Nikon setup. My complete set of Nikon D800 camera and two lenses with many extras.

My Nikon set is sold, what is over for whoever may be interested is still following lenses 85/1.8D AF, 28/2.8D AF and D300 body.

For people in The Netherlands, you can take a look at Marktplaast.  For the rest of you, if you have interest this is what is for sale: (more…)

FujiFilm and Nikon

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alt: FujiFilm and Nikon

Last week I have converted all my Nikon equipment for use with new FujiFilm. All my Nikon speedlights are working with use of the same Cactus V6 remote triggering on X-E2S as well. There was nothing to do, I however updated Cactus V6 to the latest firmware. Next was remote trigger I was using with Nikon. The only thing which was needed was a new trigger cable. After that all is working. This means I will offer my Nikon with lenses for sale.

Nikon D300 and two lenses for sale

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Dear friends,

I have decided to upgrade and therefore I offer my current camera and two basic lenses for sale. If you interested please drop the comment. Price is fixed and for this pack it is 600 euro. First come first served. Camera and 50/1.8 lens are in perfect order the zoom lens I bought second hand myself. Works fine for me. You will get charger, strap and SanDisk extreme CF  4GB card with it.


Nikon D300 + 50/1.8 + 18-55/3.5-5.6 Nikkor

for sale

My last film for sale

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In less than 24 hours this advertisement is not valid anymore, both of my film are sold now. I have some more analog stuff to sale. If you like to give me a offer, you may do so until I put them on eBay. I am planning to sale, Nikon F80 with battery grip, Nikon F100, and 50/1.8 AF-D lens. All in perfect state and for F80 set of new batteries.

My last two bulk rolls of Fuji Neopan for sale. One 400 and one 1600 ISO.

Photo gear sale

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Oct, 2011: Even now in 2011 more than two years after this message was posted there are still some items for sale.

I have made decision. It is about time. I am going to sell some of my photo stuff I do not use anymore. Some filters, lens, some film bodies, photo bag, some film and more.

If you have interest about something, just leave me a note I may have it. I think it is better if somebody can use it that it is setting here.

This is a short list I may have more:

  • Tokina AT-X Pro 20-35 1:2.8 Nikon mount lens with lens hood
  • Nikon F80 camera
  • Nikkor 50/1.8 lens
  • Nikkon neck strap – black with yellow letters
  • Yashica Electro 35 with battery adapter for current type of batteries
  • Nikon Speedlight SB-28 flash
  • Nikon F100 camera body
  • Fotospeed FD-1- 5 liter one shot developer
  • Polaroid IMage System camera
  • Leather cover for Olumpus OM series cameras with standard lens
  • Fomapan 200 100ft 30.5m roll – expire date Mar.2009
  • Film puller – Hama
  • Diafin – two bath developer
  • Tetenal Emofin – two bath developer
  • Fujifilm – super prodol, developer
  • 3x Kodak Tri-X 400 pro TX120 5 rolls pack – expire date Jan 2001
  • Kodak Tri-X Pan TX120 5 rolls pack – expire date Oct 1999

List is a bit longer but I am tired to list all the filters. If you looking for some, just leave a note and I tell you if I have it or not.

Changes are great

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My dear friend,
do you remember how we did develop our first film together? As small boys in the bathroom of your parent’s house? In total darkness, (more…)

I wanted my Nikon F100 to be cleaned

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I have feeling that viewfinder of my Nikon F100 needs some cleaning. The contrast is not the best in it and I feel it is bit DIM. So I (more…)

Hands on: Nikon D50 with Nikkor DX AF-S 18-70 mm 1:3.5-4.5 G ED

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alt: Hands on: Nikon D50 with Nikkor DX AF-S 18-70 mm 1:3.5-4.5 G ED

colleague of mine has bought Nikon D50 with DX AF-S Nikkor 18-70 mm 1:3.5-4.5G ED lens. I just had it in my hands. What I also did I brought my Nikon F100, just to compare few things like viewfinder, speed of focusing and general handling. I also was interested how AF-S lens will work on my Nikon F100. I know that comparing these two bodies is not completely right, but on other hand currently they are comparable by price when looking for F100 at second hand market.

Sold out.

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My Konica Hexar is sold out now. And you would maybe be interested to buy it I am sorry, but maybe you can find some nice photographs in my web shop. Those prints are much cheaper than Konica Hexar and could bring you better mood. Once more, I am sorry, I had only one but I have many nice original prints. Take a look. (more…)

Sales and Co.

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It seems like I will not have Konica Hexar AF anymore. There is about five people now who are in almost last stage of considering. I hope they will decide soon as I have a person waiting for me with Nikon F100. After this sale is over I will sell out also my Olympus OM system. I have two bodies, three lenses and (more…)