Night trees – Nočné stromy

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alt: Night trees – Nočné stromy

Night trees seems to be something, which I comes often back to me in my photographs. I may collect them into one series. Let us start with these two today. They both had been captured only twenty minutes apart. I tried to project in them my (more…)

Kitchen behind the door

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alt: Kitchen behind the door

It was often behind the door when adults had discussed something. I was in the sleeping room. I could see the light through the glass in the door. Most of the time somehow I woke up. It was late, I knew. I slept already for many hours. Then, I was suddenly awake. Why there is a light, (more…)

In the middle of the road

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alt: In the middle of the road

What would be a great thing to write about? Some thoughts while I stand in the middle of the road. Should it be what you feel, what makes your mind busy? Things you think about when you have time? Memories of better times or current issues which make you nervous? (more…)

Walk in a night street

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alt: Walk in a night street

It is true, I am obsessed with these streets here. Like yesterday, especially with people on them. My walk in the night street the other day was interesting too. It was late in the night, you better say early in the morning. Most of the bars and restaurants have been either closed or (more…)

Night Streets of Barcelona

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alt: Night Streets of Barcelona

Yes, I was writing and taking pictures over the streets of a city for last few days. Tonight I am going to write to you about night streets of Barcelona. Of course, there will be some images too. Hey! Are you using (more…)

Night Stairs

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alt: Night Stairs

The interesting feature of old houses are open inside stairs and especially the opening without the roof. There is one behind the bathroom and washroom as well as kitchen. It serves as natural ventilation. What one can see as a nice feature and somebody else can hate it, (more…)

The end of the evening

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alt: The end of the evening

Samba was still playing and people been dancing. Another rock band played and people been talking and drinking. Some of us were tired and the others would like to stay. At the end we all walked back to train station. That was (more…)


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alt: Samba

Same night, we moved from Italian jazz to Samba podium. There, even in the middle of the night, no break was in view. The band was running nonstop for hours. People crazy dancing in the rhythm of samba, not only in front of the podium, but next to it and many behind on the street. (more…)

Did you thought…

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alt: Did you thought…

Did you thought it is the end or didn’t you noticed at all? Never mind, this is another night sort of shot. Nothing special. It reminds me benches in old park when I was small kid. We often went there to play. (more…)


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alt: Father

In a few hours, in the night from 9th to 10th of April, three years ago, my father died. Two days ago when I was in Maastricht I have light up a candle for him. (more…)