Golden morning

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alt: Golden morning

Yes, golden morning, but still dark. One of those mornings before summer time, when winter still had its teeth in the nature. Image was captured in between houses in small city even it looks like out in the fields.


Low Fog

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alt: Low Fog

Today morning, I was thinking about you. Waking up and starting your day. Having breakfast, reading newspaper, driving to office, turning your computer on to write the next chapter. I was thinking if you also have such a great morning with Sun and Low Fog as I had. This morning was rather cold in comparison with few last warm days. I took camera (?) (more…)

Morning dew

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alt: Morning dew

Early morning,with low, sharp Sun. That is exactly what started this Sunday for me. As is usual in last days, I took my camera (hit) with me. I walk with the dog every morning in weekend same longer route. He loves it I love it too. Morning dew was on flowers, grass, well everywhere. I like very much what (more…)

Morning trip

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alt: Morning trip

As promised another image from our Silvester hiking trip. This one very first shot that morning. Still dark about -12C and many people already climbing a hill above a village. (more…)

Morning breeze

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alt: Morning breeze

I have almost forgotten what pleasure it is to walk out, in the early morning. What nice feeling it is to let fresh, morning breeze touches your face. I need to remind this to myself every morning. Even, at those days, when instead of fresh breeze our face is touched by (more…)

Sun rise in France

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alt: Sun rise in France

Once again we have been traveling. As always I took my camera and drive around in the mornings. I have made some images which will remind me the beauty of this country. Here is one quick, just to let you see what I have seen, more to come… (more…)

I wanted to write about that thing

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alt: I wanted to write about that thing

Dear friend, now still morning and I have already done so many things. It feels right to drink tea outside and write few lines for you my friend. When I woke up today morning I had plan to “shoot some cows”. Oh, you do not know what I am referring to? I guess you (more…)

Day number five

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alt: Day number five

It always helps when Sun is shining. At least t me morning like today with Sun beaming under the clouds while it can, giving us great power to do good things, great things. I have to tell you that so far, it is much easier not to smoke then I originally thought. Today is fifth day and (more…)

Another candidate for Pillows

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alt: Another candidate for Pillows

I wanted to wake up today earlier then it actually happen. Today being second morning after I returned from Moscow, I somehow can’t sleep whole night. Every night I wake two or three times.  I have got out of the bed actually after eight morning, which is rather late for me. I decided to post another image as potential candidate for Pillow project. (more…)

New Pillow

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alt: New Pillow

I may have some new images for my Pillow set. Today I have waked up and Sun was beaming to my hotel room. Pillows all over the room and some at the window and some on bed. First  (more…)