Showing an another way

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alt: Showing an another way

Showing an another way could be the only possibility. When we are young we search for examples, idols. We follow things which are interesting and we form opinions how the life works. We are influenced by many and it is hard to make the right choice, even harder to know what the right is. Examples we select as the right ones, (more…)

Smoke in a prison – view on stress

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alt: Smoke in a prison – view on stress

Smoke in prison, is an photograph which you may have seen before. As I told you few days ago, I seems to be going over the images from Japan. Especially those from period when I started to use that blur filter of mine. This image was captured same day as the Japanese forest. It is now, ten years ago. I gave it same feeling in color, which should keep same mood. (more…)

The lines of life

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alt: The lines of life

Oh man, should I really write something with the image? I do not feel like to do it today. Sorry (more…)

Connecting with people

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alt: Connecting with people

Today morning, I was listening podcast from LensWork entitled Mannequins and Abandoned Places. If you do any, a bit more serious photography then your summer holiday, you should certainly listen to it. Somewhere in the second half of it, I started to realize what is the answer to my own question. The question  (more…)

Yesterday morning

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alt: Yesterday morning

Yesterday morning while walking to the office I had my head full of ideas, now after one hour looking in the email, talking to colleague my head is empty. Well not really empty, but it is full of small rubbish from work. All unimportant things.

Oh now I have remembered, I was thinking about (more…)

All those things

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alt: All those things

Yes all of them, happening now, including flight MH17 and especially reaction on it shows me only one. The human life has very little value. We may pay and play games to show gratitute, sadness or anger, but nothing serious happens.
All those things and actions planned (more…)

Life and its small changes

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alt: Life and its small changes

Dear friend,

while Jeff is writing serious mind blowing texts about his thought from past to future life, I am changing font on my web site and firing one web designer after another in pursued of my future life endeavor. I was hoping, after days I was writing every day and even more times a day, that I will get a lot of complains. You know, once I went few days in silence, nothing happened. Like sed somewhere else, (more…)

What can you do?

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alt: What can you do?

Today morning I turn on my iPad to see what interesting I can find on twitter. I like that medium as I have choice to filter who I trust. French photographer Vincent Bonnefond @VBonnefond has shared link to video about National Geographic (more…)

The letters and the friends

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alt: The letters and the friends

It has been quick ten days, weather has turned from cold to warm. We have returned from Slovakia back to The Netherlands and joined the process of daily routine. If you know me, you know, I hate it. Routine, something going on and on, every day, same, and again, and again. Terrible! (more…)

Many options

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alt: Many options

Once you in the forest you have many options to choose from. Many directions to go. There never is only one way and never only one destination. In this photograph i liked to express that feeling of light and dark passages on our way. There should never be feeling of lost or confusion. I am sure (more…)