Night trees – Nočné stromy

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alt: Night trees – Nočné stromy

Night trees seems to be something, which I comes often back to me in my photographs. I may collect them into one series. Let us start with these two today. They both had been captured only twenty minutes apart. I tried to project in them my (more…)

Cold day

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alt: Cold day

Cold Day.

Not all days were snowy, there were quite some cold days. Even in such a cold day I went for walk. I was glad to be able to join Tomas. We were walking across fields not following any signed paths. I really love that kind of walks. (more…)

sunflower field

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alt: sunflower field

Yes, it does look as common sunflower field. At the start of autumn sunflowers, dried thoroughly by the late summer sun, become something else than anybody thinks. Have you read the extension of the tree trunk story? No, you did not? Please before proceeding read that. (more…)

tree trunk

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alt: tree trunk

On our biking trip in the south of Moravia, we had a beautiful day. Well, first half of it was charming, the second become colder. The sun, especially when beaming low, creates all those nice shadows. While passing (more…)


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alt: sunflowers

It may be too much Sun for those sunflowers, who knows. Did you expect to have another part of the series from Brno? Well I am sorry to tell you this, the story has ended by discovering the coat at railing. What follows are (more…)

Soft touch

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alt: Soft touch

Well, soft touch is not really a title I liked to use here, but the image has it. I believe it fits the smoothness of the grass on it. I wanted to write quite some lines today early morning. Now, at the afternoon and very hot, I feel differently. Do not take it personally, (more…)

Covered goal

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alt: Covered goal

Is it, isn’t it, A Covered goal. I have no idea who and why covered it, but reminds me my goals. Even they are less physical; they are often covered by my thoughts, doubts, and unclarities. It may be (more…)

Tree in a Water

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alt: Tree in a Water

Following Tree in a Water photograph is from same day as Forest and Sunny Day. As I mentioned earlier I have no really idea why it is feel so good to take pictures now. I may just stop thinking about it and simple enjoy it. I am starting to have again that feeling that I take pictures for me. Creating them because I like it. And yes, I may write in English as Borat is talking and I may lost all the colours except the shades of grey (?), but frankly I do not really care much. I will however (more…)

Sunny day

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alt: Sunny day

Yes, it was a sunny day and not only because it was really nice summer like day. Also because it was my name’s day, over which I have totally forgotten. I was reminded of that later at the evening when the girls has brought me all the congratulations! It was really lovely surprise.


Road to village

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alt: Road to village

As I promised here is the next image from France. This time black and white. I originally planned to write a bit more, but time is what I am not having enough, right now. (more…)