Red White Flag

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alt: Red White Flag

As this red white flag or piece of fabric is blow into the shape by the wind, so am I too.


Smoke in a prison – view on stress

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alt: Smoke in a prison – view on stress

Smoke in prison, is an photograph which you may have seen before. As I told you few days ago, I seems to be going over the images from Japan. Especially those from period when I started to use that blur filter of mine. This image was captured same day as the Japanese forest. It is now, ten years ago. I gave it same feeling in color, which should keep same mood. (more…)

Japanese forest

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alt: Japanese forest

Oh it is long ten years ago. In those days I have visited Japan quite often, I mean two sometimes even three times per year for around five years. If I remember correctly. Photograph in this post is little special. It is one of the first I made with that blurred lens technique. Technique I invented in Japan. I do not have any special name for the image, nor there is any special story. It is simple one of the first images done with a shaving gel on UV filter. (more…)

Writing on wood

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alt: Writing on wood

Recently I am more and more inclined to write. You do not see it online, yet. I, however doing it daily like my morning exercise. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Slovak. No Ia m not doing writing on wood, how the tile could suggest. I am using boring (more…)

Bamboo Bar

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alt: Bamboo Bar


Jeff was right

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alt: Jeff was right

He wrote to me yesterday, that the last image of the Deep Forest project, which I have added last Friday is the weakest one. Maybe even so week, it shouldn’t me part of that selection. I had the exact same  feeling when I was editing it. I felt it is not (more…)

In The Air

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alt: In The Air

Here is the promised picture from Japan. I couldn’t resist and left some red color of the flag. Yesterday I though that I just will republish the image I already worked on, but today was new day. Therefore I went for new picture. Here it is and you tell me why (more…)

What is the red stamp of?

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alt: What is the red stamp of?

Today Jeff asked me about the red stamp, which you can see on the top of my site now and as well on many images on this site. Especially those in portfolio section. Those of you who bought print from me can see this stamp on the print itself. (more…)

Zoo again

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alt: Zoo again

Dear friend,

you may remember few of my posts here about visiting ZOO in Ueno, Japan with group of local photographers from Japan Realist Photographers Association (JRP). Originally, I was meeting my friend, who is member of this group. I expected to see some interesting place and (more…)

Budha flowers

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alt: Budha flowers

I couldn’t go without image today. Here is one from Japan I made last month. Of course these flowers has nothing to do with Budha or Buddha other that they were (more…)