forgotten garden house

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alt: forgotten garden house

While walking to the hill above the city, one early morning, I stumbled across this house. This forgotten summer house stayed there between vegetables and trees. Sunbathing in first rays of a day. I suddenly felt (more…)


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alt: Segundo

The first week back home and you see it right away way, fewer posts. Segundo is not only the second floor where we lived in Barcelona, but Segundo is also the next week back home, starting in few days. What should I do in it?

Mailing List

I was wondering, those of you who are subscribed to received email notification of this blog, is it (more…)

A Villa

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alt: A Villa

Just after lunch and before we went back home we decided to see some more popular places in Liege. We went to direction to these stairs Montagne de Bueren. As both of us (I may assume) often do, we ended up going there as no tourist would do. From back, through far less tourist paths and roads. I must add this time, totally unconscionably. We found about this later when (more…)

Man in House

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alt: Man in House

It has been week, when I was discovering Liege with a Man in House. No you know it is the Man in House! Oh you do not know? Well I was lucky to create a photograph of him at the exactly the good spot. Place where house suppose to be, but only the Man was. Man in House.

As you can see on the following image (more…)

House on water

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alt: House on water

House on water, you say? Bullocks! Well look at the image. You may say, common ,that is just kind of industrial building for water regulation or filtering. Well you may  be right, but this doesn’t stop me or you from thinking differently. (more…)

The end of universe, Just behind the corner!

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alt: The end of universe, Just behind the corner!

Sometimes I am really tired, not sure if it is with the age or it is by the time of the year. One can complain any time one wish, right? Today the rain is pouring from early morning and it didn’t stop yet. Sky is grey. I was looking for the picture to improve my mood and I found two. Funny how different they are. (more…)

House for two trees

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alt: House for two trees

How simple all this works. You post image, write story. People react and tell you what they think about it. You are powered by interest and you produce another image in less then forty eight hours.

Image in this post is candidate for my all famous project ;-) called Serene Mind. There was once a family, they had great time (more…)

Tower house

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alt: Tower house

This one is one from my current travel in Spain. As usually I am not big lover of sunny beach and salty waters. Well I do not mind to rest for a while or get refreshment by swimming or playing in the sea. What I like the most is  (more…)

Enjoying sun

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Attic of an Old House

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alt: Attic of an Old House