dark turn

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alt: dark turn

There is always a dark turn. You do not talk about it, you try to forget all about it. And so was I. I breathed it all in as I walked next all those magic. I swung around, I danced. I was so happy, for so long. At the one moment, I start to (more…)

Connecting with people

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alt: Connecting with people

Today morning, I was listening podcast from LensWork entitled Mannequins and Abandoned Places. If you do any, a bit more serious photography then your summer holiday, you should certainly listen to it. Somewhere in the second half of it, I started to realize what is the answer to my own question. The question  (more…)

Blind future

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alt: Blind future

Blind future says: This is the way to go! You close your eyes. You walk in the direction. You are not the only one, everybody goes. Everybody is blind as the future. At the end everybody is surprised (more…)

How to choose next great thing to do

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alt: How to choose next great thing to do

Lately, after having this question: How to choose next great thing to do?, in my head for quite some time and reading a lot of articles and books about it, I was wondering. How you should approach a path to find something, which would satisfy you? How should you decide, where should be the balance between emotional and rational choices. Should you leave it for your gut feeling (emotional) or should you (more…)

Steps to go furthere?

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alt: Steps to go furthere?

It seems to me that every year when one get older he wishes to change more things. One feels that life is not endless and that other side is closing. One would like to use remaining time the best as one can. Starting of the new year is good as any for setting goals, to make some decisions how to go further. I can see it on (more…)

Life and its small changes

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alt: Life and its small changes

Dear friend,

while Jeff is writing serious mind blowing texts about his thought from past to future life, I am changing font on my web site and firing one web designer after another in pursued of my future life endeavor. I was hoping, after days I was writing every day and even more times a day, that I will get a lot of complains. You know, once I went few days in silence, nothing happened. Like sed somewhere else, (more…)

Idea about political parties

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alt: Idea about political parties

We spoke with Peter how political parties doing things the voter doesn’t like. We had also a bit of discussion, what can be changed in that. I mean I am not a person who discuss politics every evening or at every beer. I am however irritated by how things go. (more…)

There was a boy

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alt: There was a boy

There was a boy, who has not look into the future and has not thing what will happen as this or that. Once he found interesting topic, he was completely in. Nor his parents nor his teachers could have take it out of him. He was always in the topic he loved at the moment. Without thinking what would future be like for him, he was completely consumed. And his past? (more…)

A Time Line

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alt: A Time Line

Today I have seen very inspiring movie. It let me think about how we perceive the time. Our path and future. Many theories and views exists and I guess mine is not very original. I like to share it with you in this very short letter to you, my friend. (more…)

One Big Illusion from 2011

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alt: One Big Illusion from 2011

I was preparing new podcast and found this one entitled One Big Illusion, still in my podcast editing directory. I check the date and I was shocked. It was from November 2011. I wonder, why I never published it? I was puzzled until I had listen to it. And listened again and again. It is a bit depressive, which is ok for November time, but it was too much for (more…)