dark turn

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alt: dark turn

There is always a dark turn. You do not talk about it, you try to forget all about it. And so was I. I breathed it all in as I walked next all those magic. I swung around, I danced. I was so happy, for so long. At the one moment, I start to (more…)


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alt: Paradise

Once on the other side, I was not able to stop looking around. It was paradise. Strange trees with even more unusual fruit were hanging from high above dark green flowers. My eyes (more…)

forgotten garden house

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alt: forgotten garden house

While walking to the hill above the city, one early morning, I stumbled across this house. This forgotten summer house stayed there between vegetables and trees. Sunbathing in first rays of a day. I suddenly felt (more…)

Reality and dream

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alt: Reality and dream

Reality and dream is something most of us face every day.For some it may be less important then for others. Some people do not feel the difference or they see (more…)

Austro Dutch guy – part two

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alt: Austro Dutch guy – part two

We didn’t talk that much longer. This Austro Dutch photo enthusiast would be talking much longer I guess, but his Austrian girlfriend wanted to see more of the Jazz festival I guess and the music was over. People start leaving. So they did as well. Before that (more…)

Austro Dutch guy – part one

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alt: Austro Dutch guy – part one

Last Saturday, we went to Jazz festival in near by city. Passing one of the podium hidden between houses, we decided to take a look, as the music sounds intriguing. We ended up siting at the table with this Dutch guy and his Austrian girlfriend. When he noticed my Fujifilm X-E2S he was not anymore able to keep his focus to the musicians. (more…)

FujiFilm and Nikon

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alt: FujiFilm and Nikon

Last week I have converted all my Nikon equipment for use with new FujiFilm. All my Nikon speedlights are working with use of the same Cactus V6 remote triggering on X-E2S as well. There was nothing to do, I however updated Cactus V6 to the latest firmware. Next was remote trigger I was using with Nikon. The only thing which was needed was a new trigger cable. After that all is working. This means I will offer my Nikon with lenses for sale.


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alt: Trees

I have seen many great images of forests, especially on Twitter from people living in Wales. I wanted to add my Trees to the list. This image is in my view getting rather close to what I like to achieve. (more…)

Low Fog

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alt: Low Fog

Today morning, I was thinking about you. Waking up and starting your day. Having breakfast, reading newspaper, driving to office, turning your computer on to write the next chapter. I was thinking if you also have such a great morning with Sun and Low Fog as I had. This morning was rather cold in comparison with few last warm days. I took camera (?) (more…)

Deep forest

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alt: Deep forest

I already have set of images from such a deep forest, they are all in color. This deep forest photograph is only little in color and mostly in black and white. Somehow I am coming often to these shots. Also my writing about being alone in forest was very good experience for me. Today I present (more…)