Road to village

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alt: Road to village

As I promised here is the next image from France. This time black and white. I originally planned to write a bit more, but time is what I am not having enough, right now. (more…)

Sun rise in France

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alt: Sun rise in France

Once again we have been traveling. As always I took my camera and drive around in the mornings. I have made some images which will remind me the beauty of this country. Here is one quick, just to let you see what I have seen, more to come… (more…)


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alt: Fields

When I was driving through this part of France, part around Toulouse. I was amazed how similar it is to the countryside I remember from my childhood in Slovakia. All those fields full of flowers. Moments when I was as young boy, sitting in grass looking to the clouds. I though for a moment I am back there and then.

I am always surprised how smells could easily bring the memories back. You may not remember details. IT start growing in your. You start thinking and then whole forgotten experience from passed time is back. You are there at that time, you feel, smell the same what you did twenty thirty years ago.


Albi, France

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alt: Albi, France

This image starts, small set from France around Toulouse. While ago I have spent there one week and it was great place! I did quite some trips. Friend suggest to look at near by city Albi. I had no idea what to expect, well when I arrive this is what welcomed me.


Good old France

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alt: Good old France

As I did post one image from Portugal, here is one from France. Both of them are here to drag grey, wet and dark time of last days away with these memories of sunny days!



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alt: Agency

Originally,  I have not written any note here. Now I decided  I like to share with you how this image was captured. We were in front of Notre-Dame cathedral in Reims, France. Everybody was pointing their cameras towards that huge (more…)

Wild Poppies

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alt: Wild Poppies

After the winter cold black and white images I have here for you something much warmer. Maybe it is a result of the cold I had all day today. Not that I am ill, but it was so cold in all rooms that even after heating kicked in I still (more…)

Dream Land from The Serene Mind

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alt: Dream Land from The Serene Mind

Today’s image from Toulouse is little different, it belongs to Serene Mind series on which I am working already for some time. It feels like it is almost finished. I may add one or two images, but this theme (more…)

Rainy streets

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alt: Rainy streets

It was only one day when it was raining. I took my camera and drive and walk through small streets of this town that Saturday rainy morning. After while it was more nostalgic walk than making images. In any case I enjoyed (more…)

Toulouse is in France

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alt: Toulouse is in France

Well kind of stupid title isn’t it? Well I was there week ago and find it the most charming and enjoyable city in France I have visited so far. It may be due to the time period, it was wonderful warm not too hot and sunny in  May, but certainly due to the city, its people and (more…)