Japanese forest

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alt: Japanese forest

Oh it is long ten years ago. In those days I have visited Japan quite often, I mean two sometimes even three times per year for around five years. If I remember correctly. Photograph in this post is little special. It is one of the first I made with that blurred lens technique. Technique I invented in Japan. I do not have any special name for the image, nor there is any special story. It is simple one of the first images done with a shaving gel on UV filter. (more…)

Third day of march trip – Veľký Manín

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alt: Third day of march trip – Veľký Manín

Last day of my march trip was to the 891 meters high hill next to the Považská Bystrica called Veľký Manín. I didn’t have much time. There was another rare occasion I wouldn’t miss for nothing. I could meet my cousin. I had not see her for at least thirty years! Crazy isn’t  it. This should not happen in family. Well I certainly wanted to put end of it and meet her. That mean I had to be back in city around one o’clock afternoon.


coat on railing

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alt: coat on railing

I did freeze on the spot. A chill went through my spine.I couldn’t move for a while, but my eye looked around, they found it. What is it, this dark thing hanging over the railing? I moved a little closer, and now I had recognized it. A coat. Old dark blue coat (more…)

Soft touch

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alt: Soft touch

Well, soft touch is not really a title I liked to use here, but the image has it. I believe it fits the smoothness of the grass on it. I wanted to write quite some lines today early morning. Now, at the afternoon and very hot, I feel differently. Do not take it personally, (more…)


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alt: Trees

I have seen many great images of forests, especially on Twitter from people living in Wales. I wanted to add my Trees to the list. This image is in my view getting rather close to what I like to achieve. (more…)

Deep forest

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alt: Deep forest

I already have set of images from such a deep forest, they are all in color. This deep forest photograph is only little in color and mostly in black and white. Somehow I am coming often to these shots. Also my writing about being alone in forest was very good experience for me. Today I present (more…)


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alt: Forest

Today was a lovely day, felt like summer. We had twenty centigrade of Celsius. Me and Ema had made trip to near by forest where we never been. I was surprised how untouched it was. With the lake in the middle and almost no people around. Here is one of the image I have made, this time using (more…)

In Control

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alt: In Control

If you do not read comments on this blog, you should. I took liberty and copied following piece written by Jeff to the previous post: (more…)

I see the light

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alt: I see the light

After a while, standing there, unsure what to do, shivery cold feeling has jump through your spine. You  jump and start to run. You want to get out of here, you have enough of those quiet winds, long shadow and (more…)

Growing in a Dark

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alt: Growing in a Dark

Walking alone in a dark forest is experience, which not many young people have these days. Everything is quiet, you are alone walking between shadows. All is in black and white and even wind feels like something you never met before. Every corner, path you walked every day, look different. Your imagination run on full power. Behind every turn, tree or bush you see shapes. They make you wonder: What kind of world is this? Nothing has changed, just light. Why do I feel so alone? (more…)