walking for milk

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alt: walking for milk

I have spend last hour or two looking at old images I made with film cameras. It brought such a nostalgic feeling and lot of great memories. You may have seen this image before, but here it is again as it has more in it the usual. It is short of family snapshot, but has feeling of child. Made by film (more…)

Stairs to Vanadis Lunden

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alt: Stairs to Vanadis Lunden

Today is so cold here. It is not really cold in sense of degrees, but it feels very very cold thanks to wind, dry air, no Sun. It feels like when I was in Sweden back in 2003. Therefore I went to my archive searching for an image which would express that good for me. (more…)

Railway Worker

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alt: Railway Worker

Back from 1996, exposed on film called Fomapan 400. Image from workshop with Andrej Ban. It was documentary workshop long for one week. One of the best in my life. This is Gypsy railway worker returning to station, (more…)

Ghost of Agata

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alt: Ghost of Agata

Coincidental double exposure on old Rolleiflex has made this image, which I like very much. What about you? (more…)

Black and White Film Recipes

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alt: Black and White Film Recipes

It is rather long time ago when I last tome developed my black and white film. As you may know I am using digital photo cameras from 2007 and from 2009 I am not doing any analogue film development. For many years I was testing, trying and making my development recipes in to the perfection. I was always keeping my notes on paper and later sharing them on these pages on-line. For some time I created Films and Developers page with my favourite way for developing black and white film.

Today I made some cosmetic adjustments on this page as well as put back example images (they get lost somewhere). The images are not perfect and I will replace them soon with bigger versions. By this small note I would like to let know, to those who are enjoying analogue photography, that results of my search for perfect way of developing are still here.

Freezing for the fist time

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alt: Freezing for the fist time

Again, it is that time here, when all is covered with a thin layer of frozen air. No snow yet, but today is freezing for the first time and  temperature dropped to -3C. I have wrote many times how do I like this period. To me, it feels like all world is calmer and cleaner. Feels like (more…)

Quadriptych of Winter beauty

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And so I went through all four images, played and decided to put them together, this creates rather different feelings for me than the first or second image. This is more like… Well you tell me ;-)


Winter Beauty III & IV

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alt: Winter Beauty III & IV

I do not have more that following two images from twenty five years ago. Last two witness of hot summer on the filed of winter’s frozen snow. (more…)

Winter Beauty II

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alt: Winter Beauty II

Second part of winter beauty series. It does seems to me now like adjusting images with friends, we talk about image, each of you say what they see and what they think about it and I create new version or different image. And yes here we have it, (more…)

Winter beauty I

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alt: Winter beauty I

In these hot days everybody looks for little shadow or cold drink to get some refreshment. I went to archive and found series of images from long time ago must be early eighties. Now I want you to focus, make dark around you open the window and let the cold air (more…)