In the middle of the road

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alt: In the middle of the road

What would be a great thing to write about? Some thoughts while I stand in the middle of the road. Should it be what you feel, what makes your mind busy? Things you think about when you have time? Memories of better times or current issues which make you nervous? (more…)

Forgotten portrait

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alt: Forgotten portrait

I have almost forgot about the following portrait. After the set of those, I was quite sure I showed you all I made in last week or two. I made this one in a certain, unconsciousness way. Frankly, Ema discovered it on my camera just a half hour later, when she was looking through the images we created. This was mother’s day, Sunday, and she prepared this celebration. We had a great (more…)

Summer Ema

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alt: Summer Ema


ETma I

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alt: ETma I

One more image from yesterday session of Ema’s make-up creation. She done great job and not only (more…)


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alt: ETma II

Not much to say about this photograph, except that, make-up was done by Ema herself. (more…)

I have something for you

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alt: I have something for you

Image number four, in new series. As there were not really any huge reaction I am not going to write any fictive story here. Nobody reads them anyway. Oh yes I know Jeff, Iurie you do ;-) but if you like to know something more about this picture, just ask and I’ll tell you. (more…)


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alt: Dreaming

When the things are not clear, when reality is blurred, when time is slow and mind slower you dream. In that special moment you the lightest being on the planet, you just cloud floating in the air. Nobody can (more…)

I hate you!

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alt: I hate you!

You never know when thing change radically. One moment all seems to be fine and in blink of an eye, different expression on the face, colder air and all what was before is gone. You try to search for it, you try (more…)

Leave me alone!

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alt: Leave me alone!

This is first of the new series of images I am currently working on. Even some of them has been captured some time ago, I am bringing them now with fresh view to the shape. Shape I like to express that early teenage (more…)

Ema has enough

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alt: Ema has enough

Sometimes you have enough and there is no point in fighting. You just like to be some place else. Do some thing different. It all happens in quiet atmosphere. Only the gesture or face expression is visible. Only that let us know that things went the way you not like them anymore. Each of us has that, but do we (more…)