Vase 5908

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alt: Vase 5908

Who knows where this goes. Vase number 5908. Is it just making nice pictures to keep in flow? Does it lead somewhere? I do not know, but so far I am enjoying it. I like to change the way I present the images. I like to show them (more…)

Tones Up!

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alt: Tones Up!

I must say, I always been after the tones in black and white photography. I was so happy when I found a combination of film and developer, which when exposed right, bring those nice tones. That combination of Fomapan 200 exposed at 100ASA and developed in Aculux II or Fotospeed FD10, could bring tonality scale I loved. Look at this image for example (more…)

Black and White Creations

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alt: Black and White Creations

Over the weekend I had some extra time and after I went through black and white tutorials from Jean Michel Berts, I was inspired by his approach. So I have selected one from my earlier images and decided to try, my way and his way to edit the image. Here you can see both edits. (more…)

Curve me Up

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alt: Curve me Up

In these grey days of early winter I have some kind of Sunday melancholic mood. To proves that I am posting image I may did post earlier this year, but I made a little make over (more…)

Game over

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alt: Game over

Today in the middle of the nigh I have for you only this simple image and one question to trigger your fantasy and emotions: Tell me what do you see? (more…)

What was it? Oh I see!

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alt: What was it? Oh I see!

It is a spring around here and that means new power. Everything is growing and getting greener and nicer. That cerainly bring some more energy to me as well, even last two weeks drain a lot of it out. I think you noticed it by lack of my writings here. (more…)

Mind Wonderland

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alt: Mind Wonderland

Isn’t it amazing when our mind takes its own direction and we feel not bother with body. We feel good and we see it all. We understand it all. Sometimes, I have these flashes of full comprehension after I (more…)

Last year’s leaves – take two

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alt: Last year’s leaves – take two

Well dear Dirk, the reason to play with this image was that, as you, I already liked the first version, but I still was curious if I can get something better. Especially now when I try to use new tools. Tools like my new Wacom table and lightroom 3. So purely as exercise and learning target.

I have spent today only few moments, still using Lightroom 2, and here is a result (more…)

Last year’s leaves

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I am posting this image for the future reference. Planning to work on it using my new tablet (well old but for me new) and using some nice technique I am learning. Image itself was taken some time ago and some of you  may remember it. So watch for (more…)

Freely Scattered

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alt: Freely Scattered

Bodies freely scattered on meadow’s hill. Not particular bodies, reason or time. Just like that, their appeared there at that moment. So do not ask me about it, better create your own theories and share it. (more…)