18 and counting

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I didn’t write much this week, but I was rather busy. Just now I have developed third set of films and that means I have now 18 rolls developed from summer period of traveling.

I also come to situation when I used the last bottle of Paterson Aculux II. The era of Aculux is over now from me. Last three films are developed in Fotospeed FD10, great developer. My feeling is that it is actually better than Aculux. I have bought before summer two canister for 5 liters.

I know that this is probably not much of interest to most of you, but I write this a bit also for me. So please bear with me.

You may know that I was using my old Palm IIIxe as timer for developing my films. Well I had all my database of times there so I can conveniently select film and developer and it was preset for the time I was using for that particular combination. Somehow I left it over the summer and battery died taking with it also all my timings. Well, I have stored for each film I ever develop, used timing in my photo management software, IMatch, so nothing is really lost.

But after this and also to avoid some unpractical issue with driving Palm with stylus or pouring developer over its screen, I decided to by hardware timer. I bough bloody expensive one, almost 30 euro. It has two independent timers and nice big numbers. It is a pleasure to work with it.

So I am happy, this week quite a few films developed, new timer, new developer and all looks very good. Soon enough you will see some new images.

Note on Fomapan 400

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alt: Note on Fomapan 400

I need to write this before I forget. One of the films I am regularly using now and which I developed in these last two batches is Czech Fomapan 400. (more…)

Film for bath photos.

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alt: Film for bath photos.
  • Bath together I
  • Bath together II
  • Bath together III

You may know that I am working now with Foma (fomapan) films. It has couple reasons. One is that that I have difficulties to find Kodak 125PX here and if that it is terribly expensive, second is that my favorite Fuji Neopan 400 is not sold in bulk anymore. Therefore early last year I have found that Foma 200 developed at 100 ASA with Aculux II is perfect (more…)

Scratches are not scratches?

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Yesterday I have developed Fomapan 400 in xtol 1:1 for 12 min @ 20C. It looks good, but not extremely good.
When I cut it today morning I realize interesting thing. There were (more…)

Developing Fomapan 400

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alt: Developing Fomapan 400

I was hoping for a suprise today. I developed Fomapan 400. The cheap film, which I was using 15 years ago, that time it was of course different model :-) (more…)

Developing FujiFilm Neopan

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alt: Developing FujiFilm Neopan

And now comes Fuji Neopan 400. I must say I have high expectations for this film based on information I have found on Internet. At first I was disappointed, but once I settle time (I have developed 3 rolls), I have got nice results. Film has a lot of  shadow details and base is incredible transparent. Maybe little bit more than the one used with Kodak TMY.

My procedure for XTOL 1:1 400ml at 20C is following:

 1 x 30sec   - non-stop inversion
19 x 30sec   - 1x inversion (fast)

There is one thing, which I am not sure what could cause it. Each of those three films has two parallel scratches on the first 8-15 shots!

I have no clue from where they come. Same camera, same tank, same handling as other films. I never ever had a scratches on films I have developed, and now this.

I had even dissasemble the film box and search for some sharp edges, looked at my new camera and found nothing! If it is from producer than it is strange as I bought two films in Germany and one here in Sweden. I really do not know.

Developing Agfa APX

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Agfa APX 400 today. I developed one roll. The base of this film is darker and what is funny it is curvy as Kodak TMY and Fuji. I was expecting, as it is kind of classical emulsion, it to have more solid base, same as Ilford, but not. It is very thin, but darker as Ilford has. I am expecting some difficulties with scanning.


Developing Ilford

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I have developed Ilford Delta 400 and HP5. Both very nice films. Much stronger base comparing to TMY and Fuji. As I used non-hardening Ilford FIX for all films, I can (more…)

Recipe for Kodak TMY in Xtol

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I think I settle down for developing Kodak TMY in XTOL 1:1 at 20C at following procedure: (more…)

First film developed in Stockholm

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It is reality, I have developed first film here in Stockholm, Sweden. I started by clearing my old undeleveloped films. I have bought all chemicals here, as everything, also those (more…)