Night trees – Nočné stromy

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alt: Night trees – Nočné stromy

Night trees seems to be something, which I comes often back to me in my photographs. I may collect them into one series. Let us start with these two today. They both had been captured only twenty minutes apart. I tried to project in them my (more…)

Castle I never visited, until now.

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alt: Castle I never visited, until now.

Yes, I was born in the city under these castle ruins. My father told me a lot about it. He went there many times. We draw under it many more times.


Star Dust

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alt: Star Dust

Star Dust was, what I have missed, from the image in last post. Therefore I made new edit of the same capture. Now it is whole frame, no crop. You can (more…)

Kitchen behind the door

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alt: Kitchen behind the door

It was often behind the door when adults had discussed something. I was in the sleeping room. I could see the light through the glass in the door. Most of the time somehow I woke up. It was late, I knew. I slept already for many hours. Then, I was suddenly awake. Why there is a light, (more…)

coat on railing

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alt: coat on railing

I did freeze on the spot. A chill went through my spine.I couldn’t move for a while, but my eye looked around, they found it. What is it, this dark thing hanging over the railing? I moved a little closer, and now I had recognized it. A coat. Old dark blue coat (more…)

dark turn

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alt: dark turn

There is always a dark turn. You do not talk about it, you try to forget all about it. And so was I. I breathed it all in as I walked next all those magic. I swung around, I danced. I was so happy, for so long. At the one moment, I start to (more…)

Goodbye Barcelona

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alt: Goodbye Barcelona

Yes goodbye Barcelona, we are leaving! It has been nice two weeks. Thanks! (more…)

Music on the street

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alt: Music on the street

During my travels, as anybody else who travel bigger cities, I stumble onto many musicians playing their instruments in the public streets. This music on the street is often very pleasant and sometimes surprising. We are used to listening music on our electronic devices. Not many of us can (more…)

Yesterday evening

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alt: Yesterday evening

Yesterday evening, I decided to go for short walk. It was after rain. Sun was long gone, but still enough light for taking pictures. I took FujiFilm X-E2S with me as I do every day \, these days. I love this small camera and the fact that I turn it into old time black and white rangefinder with all new technological advantages but soul of analogue nostalgia. I went out because I needed to get some air, I am really getting old and some (more…)


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alt: Trees

I have seen many great images of forests, especially on Twitter from people living in Wales. I wanted to add my Trees to the list. This image is in my view getting rather close to what I like to achieve. (more…)