Jánska Dolina

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alt: Jánska Dolina

Jánska Dolina, has been for so long place I wanted to go. So long that in the middle of that long time I have forgot about it. Somehow on our trip through Slovakia we decided to stay there for few days. When new day started we took our hiking shoes out and start walking towards Ďumbier. Once we left asphalt road and get through (more…)

Low Fog

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alt: Low Fog

Today morning, I was thinking about you. Waking up and starting your day. Having breakfast, reading newspaper, driving to office, turning your computer on to write the next chapter. I was thinking if you also have such a great morning with Sun and Low Fog as I had. This morning was rather cold in comparison with few last warm days. I took camera (?) (more…)

Deep forest

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alt: Deep forest

I already have set of images from such a deep forest, they are all in color. This deep forest photograph is only little in color and mostly in black and white. Somehow I am coming often to these shots. Also my writing about being alone in forest was very good experience for me. Today I present (more…)

High Tatras

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alt: High Tatras

Let this be the last image from the last day of 2015 which I am going to show you, at least for this moment. It may be sort of cliché image for those of you who can see this every day. For me, however, who seen this before and now only once or twice a year, it is the beauty. I have to confess I miss it. (more…)

Babia hora

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alt: Babia hora

And because our friend is missing all the beauty of the winter, here is one from February of this year in Slovakia. I would love to have this winter like this or even better! (more…)

Summer street

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alt: Summer street

In these dark days, and this time I mean weather, I needed some sun, to warm me up and give me some energy spark. I found this summer street in my photo library. I do not want to (more…)

Forest’s path

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alt: Forest’s path

Somehow I am attracted to the forest’s paths. Not sure why it is, maybe that way which is there, lined up it that chaos of tree branches. I also enjoy black and white, as you may know. Majority of you are not really crazy (more…)

Summer Ema

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alt: Summer Ema


Bamboo Bar

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alt: Bamboo Bar


Jeff was right

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alt: Jeff was right

He wrote to me yesterday, that the last image of the Deep Forest project, which I have added last Friday is the weakest one. Maybe even so week, it shouldn’t me part of that selection. I had the exact same  feeling when I was editing it. I felt it is not (more…)