coat on railing

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alt: coat on railing

I did freeze on the spot. A chill went through my spine.I couldn’t move for a while, but my eye looked around, they found it. What is it, this dark thing hanging over the railing? I moved a little closer, and now I had recognized it. A coat. Old dark blue coat (more…)

dark turn

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alt: dark turn

There is always a dark turn. You do not talk about it, you try to forget all about it. And so was I. I breathed it all in as I walked next all those magic. I swung around, I danced. I was so happy, for so long. At the one moment, I start to (more…)


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alt: Paradise

Once on the other side, I was not able to stop looking around. It was paradise. Strange trees with even more unusual fruit were hanging from high above dark green flowers. My eyes (more…)

summer behind a fence

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alt: summer behind a fence

I felt it, I really did. The summer behind a fence. After I found that garden house, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get there. As I was following the fence, I have seen many beautiful wild bushes and trees. Looking for the way in, I had (more…)

forgotten garden house

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alt: forgotten garden house

While walking to the hill above the city, one early morning, I stumbled across this house. This forgotten summer house stayed there between vegetables and trees. Sunbathing in first rays of a day. I suddenly felt (more…)