We Can Chose What Controls Us – Môžeme si vybrať čo nás kontroluje

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alt: We Can Chose What Controls Us – Môžeme si vybrať čo nás kontroluje

This time without images. I know again longer break in my posting, but let leaves this to some other post. Today I like to tell you something about a topic, which you may observed yourself. It is also possible that you are not aware of it at all, then this is especially for you. (more…)

Three times book

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alt: Three times book

Three times book? Same book you ask? Yes same, but let me explain you the whole story how did I ended up with producing three times book, while learning a lot about quality and possibilities of three different printing houses. (more…)

Serene Mind being updated

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alt: Serene Mind being updated

I have added few new images to the Serene Mind project. Set to printer those five new images to be printed for group exposition I am going to do in October for Czech-Slovak friends club in The Netherlands with other artist. I have also designed (more…)


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alt: Friendship

Somehow I can’t stop writing today. Reading as well. Did I mentioned earlier what book I am reading these days? I didn’t, did I? It is book written by Russian writer Людмила Евгеньевна Улицкая (Lyudmila Ulitskaya) under the title Зеленый шатер (Green Tent). This time it is not (more…)

Technical trigger

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alt: Technical trigger

Yesterday I have bought a book. A Book, which I was reading and looking into for few days already, always when I was passing that book store. It is a book about Exposure in (more…)

Some news

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alt: Some news

Today I have put back Remembering Childhood series as well as option to purchase prints from it. I am planning to write special post about this series very soon as I like to cover all things which happens to this body of work from its creation back in 2006. You know all expositions, movies, book prints and more.

Another interesting things which seems to be finalized in last few days is my work on cover for the book. Interesting is that after working (more…)

New Photo Book

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alt: New Photo Book

This audio recording also called podcast, is about my new photo book. I have published it based on help and idea from Jeffrey Paul Howard. Listen to more details and look at attached pictures. You can also purchase this photo book. There are still some copies left after I send few around.

Listen the podcast episode 5:

Price for bigger hard bound photo book is €49 and small one for €24. Postage depends how far you are from The Netherlands. Postage in the Europe  is around €10, overseas excluding UK around €20 (for hard bound), €15 for soft bound. Leave me a note if you have interest. (Anybody for reprint? Leave a message).

Take a look how does the photo book looks:

You can see all podcast episodes by following link to podcast category or use iTunes to subscribe or use this RSS feed to subscribe directly

Jeff’s 33

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When was it, Friday? Yes Friday evening I have received email from my friend Jeff. I have noticed new email address right away and later I read that (more…)

a book

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alt: a book

Yesterday we visited near by city. We do not visit it very often, but every time we do I have strong cultural feel in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I visited second hand book store. I always look to art and photo books. Very rarely I buy anything. Reason? I guess my taste is not what most’s people taste is. Yesterday the section with second hand book was huge. I was sitting there on the floor for almost two hours. At the end I bought Black Sun: The Eyes of Four. Only home I realize that the book is work of four Japanese photographers. The primary reason why I bought it are images from Eikoh Hosoe.

a book

Not now

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alt: Not now

Today morning I went out very early I wanted to catch the light and be able to make some images. You know 5pm is dark here and over day I am busy with making money so beauty has to be done morning :-) (more…)