Hiking in Poland

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alt: Hiking in Poland

At the end of August I was hiking in Poland for three days. This picture is from the first day trip and you can compare the therein with two picture from my hiking in The Netherlands. I must honestly say that I prefer color (more…)

Greetings in 2018

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alt: Greetings in 2018

Greetings in 2018! End of the year and especially beginning of the new year is always a time to think about past and future. It is not only because the year is changing, but it is also because we have few free days. Those days give us this opportunity. (more…)


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alt: Segundo

The first week back home and you see it right away way, fewer posts. Segundo is not only the second floor where we lived in Barcelona, but Segundo is also the next week back home, starting in few days. What should I do in it?

Mailing List

I was wondering, those of you who are subscribed to received email notification of this blog, is it (more…)

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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alt: Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was one of the last monuments we visited in Barcelona. Just under it they build amusing park. Frankly I do not understand this combination and not only it doesn’t fit together it also completely screwed the view. Very nice view to the Barcelona. (more…)

Walk in a night street

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alt: Walk in a night street

It is true, I am obsessed with these streets here. Like yesterday, especially with people on them. My walk in the night street the other day was interesting too. It was late in the night, you better say early in the morning. Most of the bars and restaurants have been either closed or (more…)

Night Streets of Barcelona

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alt: Night Streets of Barcelona

Yes, I was writing and taking pictures over the streets of a city for last few days. Tonight I am going to write to you about night streets of Barcelona. Of course, there will be some images too. Hey! Are you using (more…)

Night Stairs

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alt: Night Stairs

The interesting feature of old houses are open inside stairs and especially the opening without the roof. There is one behind the bathroom and washroom as well as kitchen. It serves as natural ventilation. What one can see as a nice feature and somebody else can hate it, (more…)


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alt: Warship

It looks like warship, doesn’t it? We have seen it in Prague. The last day of May, as you may know, we had been there. While eating on the other side of the road (which you can see on the right side of the picture) we heard (more…)

Traffic in India

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alt: Traffic in India

Traffic in India is chapter on its own. Been there in last two weeks I experienced it all. I am back now and I have some stories to tell. I am not completely sure if I should do it now or later. Let me however tell you few of things which I have in mind. (more…)

In India now

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alt: In India now

After a week being in India now, this is first time I have little time to write. There was a busy week last one at the conference held here yearly on interoperability of Philips medical products. And also I had some health issue (more…)