What happen?

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alt: What happen?

Yesterday I watched a movie. After that specific experience, I was in certain, very different mood. What happen, was not a question related to the story itself, but more to the change, which had gone in my mind. Suddenly I felt very different. I was sure I will not be (more…)


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alt: Segundo

The first week back home and you see it right away way, fewer posts. Segundo is not only the second floor where we lived in Barcelona, but Segundo is also the next week back home, starting in few days. What should I do in it?

Mailing List

I was wondering, those of you who are subscribed to received email notification of this blog, is it (more…)

Goodbye Barcelona

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alt: Goodbye Barcelona

Yes goodbye Barcelona, we are leaving! It has been nice two weeks. Thanks! (more…)

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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alt: Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was one of the last monuments we visited in Barcelona. Just under it they build amusing park. Frankly I do not understand this combination and not only it doesn’t fit together it also completely screwed the view. Very nice view to the Barcelona. (more…)

Sagrada Familia

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alt: Sagrada Familia

Dear Friend,

the last letter I had written to you is something I do not really remember so much time has flown from then. I have sent you many postcards. Images from cities I have visited, places I have seen, moment I have lived through. Once a while I heard from you, but most of the time you have been silent. I hope you are doing well and there is (more…)

Walk in a night street

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alt: Walk in a night street

It is true, I am obsessed with these streets here. Like yesterday, especially with people on them. My walk in the night street the other day was interesting too. It was late in the night, you better say early in the morning. Most of the bars and restaurants have been either closed or (more…)

Night Streets of Barcelona

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alt: Night Streets of Barcelona

Yes, I was writing and taking pictures over the streets of a city for last few days. Tonight I am going to write to you about night streets of Barcelona. Of course, there will be some images too. Hey! Are you using (more…)

Sunday Streets

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alt: Sunday Streets

Once there is hot summer and Sunday, the streets of a city have a special feel. Sunday streets are empty, hot and slow. As a tourist, you try to avoid the crowd and you walk through small streets. This often lead to discovering unexpected things. (more…)

Night Stairs

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alt: Night Stairs

The interesting feature of old houses are open inside stairs and especially the opening without the roof. There is one behind the bathroom and washroom as well as kitchen. It serves as natural ventilation. What one can see as a nice feature and somebody else can hate it, (more…)

People on a street

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alt: People on a street

People on a street, did you missed them? In my last post I was talking about walking streets. Both images in that post contains no people. It is not that I was avoiding them, but if I take image with people they must have some kind of purpose there. (more…)