What happen?

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alt: What happen?

Yesterday I watched a movie. After that specific experience, I was in certain, very different mood. What happen, was not a question related to the story itself, but more to the change, which had gone in my mind. Suddenly I felt very different. I was sure I will not be (more…)

Man in a hole

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alt: Man in a hole

Possibly last image from our museum visit in Rotterdam is the image of a man frozen in a hole between two floors. There is a sort of story about this “art piece”, which I find not that much interesting. What is rather more interesting that I was surprised how it is done. It feels rather (more…)

Why bother?

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alt: Why bother?

So what to write today about? Everybody says you should do your art (art, really?) every day. If not you get nowhere. Well, it is easy to say, but what if you have nothing to write about? What if your day is, (more…)

Why to create?

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alt: Why to create?

If one likes to create something, what we can call art, it must come from deep need to express something. There is no way it come from need of job, money or some other materialistic need.


Lifting a spirit above it all.

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alt: Lifting a spirit above it all.

Once you get out of the every day routine, you may see it. You may see things which are hidden in front of your eyes, every day, because you start ignoring them. They do not change, they are there, until they become invisible. Those which are best in hiding are bad habbits. Once you get out they become visible, they sometimes (more…)


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alt: Galleries

Sitting here inside in warm of the room, while outside is heavily freezing is great. Once a while I take a peek outside and let my face freeze by cold air. It is dark now and even I enjoy the cold sharp Sun a lot I do not miss it. All kinds of thought are flying in my mind. One of them is my recent trip to Moscow. It was rather (more…)

Artist’s block

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alt: Artist’s block

My Dear Friend,

It seems that you are not that many around the internet, anymore. At least, not many, who regularly come here. As I have discussed with Jeff, there is not that much I have published in last month or two. One of the reasons was that I am extremely loaded with work, which brings most of my income. If you wonder, it is not photography, (more…)

When a Photograph is piece of art?

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alt: When a Photograph is piece of art?

The other day I wrote email to fellow photographer. The email was about my view on his photography work. I met him first time at the pages of Adore Noire magazine, where we both were featured among few more photographers. His work stroked me as something I was searching for long time (more…)

Adore Noir Magazine

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alt: Adore Noir Magazine

From today, you can purchase Adore Noir, wonderful Black & White Fine Art Photography Magazine. You will find in it 96 pages of articles, featured photographers and interesting thoughts and interviews.

In this premier issue of quarterly publish pdf magazine optimized for viewing on your portable and desktop computers, you can also read interview with me as one of the featured photographers. Take little preview.

I truly believe that the enthusiasm of Chris Kovacs, editor of Adore Noir, will bring many more wonderful issues of this new magazine.


Published in Adore Noir

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alt: Published in Adore Noir

I was aproach by Chris Kovacs with his request to feature me together with other five photographers for his new black and white magazine Adore Noir. First issue is due in few days (1st April). Find our more: (more…)