Limited editions in digital photography

When selling prints, I believe, it is very important to establish trusted relationship between photographer and buyer. When you limit number of prints you adding fictive value to you prints, which can be only imaginable and not real. If you are not creating limited editions, it looks like you can produced millions of prints, therefore value of one will be very low.

Quality of fotomoto prints

I have ordered my own prints from fotomoto using this web. In a mean time, about two days ago, they have arrived. In the same time, while I was waiting for prints to arrive, I have done extensive testing and tweaking of fotomoto. I did this together with support and development guys from fotomoto.

Films and Developers

These film developing receipts were last time update in February 2009. I am using digital cameras from 2007 and I did close my wet darkroom in 2009. I am not anymore updating these film developing instructions. You still may find them useful if you in favor of analog black and white photography. It is however, quite possible, that as time goes on, some of the films and developers mentioned here, will be difficult to get.

Monitor Calibration

I have spend last few days, calibrating my monitor and as well monitor, which I use at my daily job. I have some extensive experience with calibration of monitors and printers in general. Intention was to use two different monitors side by side. Home I use IBM Lenovo L220xwC and at work I use black and white medical diagnostic five megapixel 12bit monitor made by WIDE corp. IF2105MP.

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