• Vierka
  • Angel
  • Let's see!
  • Waiting For You
  • Let me Be Alone
  • Breeze


  1. Singapore Food Photographers
    Fri, 11. June , 2010

    This series is quite interesting and very personal.

  2. Rue Du Lavoir
    Fri, 29. October , 2010

    A series of photos very interesting…
    What contract, what light!
    Very nice work.

  3. Iva Dimitrova
    Wed, 19. January , 2011

    Oh wow…”Angel” quite literally took my breath away for a moment.
    All your work is very beautiful.

  4. richo
    Wed, 9. February , 2011

    Iva I am honored, thank you!

  5. Kevin
    Tue, 11. December , 2012

    Very beautifull work of art!! The light is fantastic.

  6. Rhiannon ianto cork
    Thu, 20. December , 2012

    ‘Angel’ is a very beautiful photograph with an air of mystery about it its absolutly wonderful

    • richo
      Thu, 27. December , 2012

      Thank you very much!


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