• Lost in space
  • Is it me?
  • Oh yes...
  • Let's Move On
  • Where is She?
  • Inprisoned
  • Let me Sleep
  • Say that again
  • Bitter End


  1. JPH
    Tue, 30. August , 2011

    My favorites of the set are ‘Is It Me?’, and the first one in the series of the man in the chair, with him leaning forward on his knees, face in his cupped hands.

    Which were the ones that were published for the book?

  2. richo
    Tue, 30. August , 2011

    Jeff can you tell me why these two particular images?
    The image used on cover was atvthe end decided by book producer and not by writer who was ordering images from me. So the image on cover was not from me, to my and as far as I understood also to author’s surprise as well.

  3. JPH
    Thu, 1. September , 2011

    Sorry for the late reply, Richard… busy with family stuff… plus, even though I have done it before, subscribed to the comments feed, I am never alerted to whenever you reply to a comment I may have left… and of course, knowing me and my absent minded self, i always forget that I left any comment, until, like today, I see that you have a new post, then I remember, and come back to check :-)


    The first one, “Is It Me?”, I like the angle, composition, and just mysterious quality about it, makes the viewer want to know more about the gentleman, the photo, what it’s all about. And I guess, because it’s just so different from anything else that you have done, that it just stands out, and is intriguing because of that aspect also.

    The other, because it is the only photo of him where his look appears more natural and real. The others look to me to be so unnatural, posed, staged, that that is just all that I see when I look at it. And I don’t mean to slam the gentleman, who, if I recall correctly, you said was an actor… and if I recall correctly also, I think I remember talking about how you were experimenting and trying out all these lighting schemes, and way to light it, etc., … that when it did come round time for you to do the actual shots, and whatever direction you gave him to act/portray and be like, maybe it was just hard for him to get into “character” Johnny on the spot at the moment for you at those times, and what comes across is his failed attempts at trying so… I don’t know, and again I don’t want to say anything against the man… I am just saying, that the one I liked, looked like the only natural, non-completely staged and posed shot.

    Maybe it’s unfair too, because I have done so much film and theatre, that one can just easily spot bad acting and performance, even in stills.

    Anyway, there you go… for what it’s worth :-)

  4. richo
    Thu, 1. September , 2011

    Jeff, it doesn’t matter if it is fair or unfair, I appreciate very much writing me these things. And no this guy is not an actor. He is just a friend and as you noticed your=self, i wrote before about this session. It was all in one and half hour. I wish I could have place for my own where I can experiment.
    I must admit we both (my friend & me) we had this feeling of a unnatural in those posses. At that time I find it not a problem. It was all play.
    Now later I must admit that you are right. Well never mind better next time.
    Jeff it looks like it is only you and me on these pages.

  5. JPH
    Thu, 1. September , 2011

    Same on my site also :-)

    Though, I always get these weird spammers always trying to leave comments… and some of them are funny, because they in no way leave comments that have no bearing to the post that they are commenting on :-)

    Oh well.

    • richo
      Thu, 1. September , 2011

      I am quite sure that those are bots who places those strange spam comments. I am getting 20-40 a day. where are those times when I had receive 30-60 real comments a month!


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Photographs in this set were originally taken as part of assignment for a book cover. Later they turned to project of my own interest covering disillusion of the middle age men.