• Where is David I
  • Where is The David II
  • Where is The David III
  • Where is The David IV
  • Where is The David V ?
  • There he is!


  1. Iurie
    Thu, 14. June , 2012

    kids are the light of our life!

  2. Stefan
    Mon, 29. December , 2014

    I am who I am.


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I like following photographs for their simplicity and the fact they are not pretending anything, they are captures of very spontaneous reactions. You free to enjoy or dislike them ;-) and we do not care, (sorry) because we already like them :-D
We made this in summer of 2010 in one wonderful day in great place Blaye near by Bordeaux in France.

You may look for posts connected with this small project which contains more information and comments from the visitors at the time this was originally published picture by picture