• Way to the Neverland
  • Game in back house
  • A French Girl
  • Can I fly?
  • Old carousel II
  • Early Morning Window
  • Kid's evening
  • Lost in Woods
  • Sunny Doorway
  • Old school
  • Furious
  • In the air
  • Helping mom
  • On a way down
  • Egres
  • Blury Morning
  • Window to Summer
  • Small Hand
  • To The Hill


  1. Miya
    Fri, 23. July , 2010

    so great, i love the photos where the kids look out of the windows

  2. JS Photography
    Mon, 26. July , 2010

    Very soulful! I love the bw in this serie.

  3. Serg
    Wed, 22. September , 2010

    The “to the hill” does not get any credit. It does not need any. It is free of any praise. Any analytical idea about this picture is simply falling apart in very first attempt of being formulated.

    • richo
      Wed, 22. September , 2010

      Serge, attempt was recreate view of a child following the parent.
      Thank you for your opinion I value that very much, it is not very often to receive original view.

  4. Iva Dimitrova
    Wed, 19. January , 2011

    My favorite is “Kid’s Evening”. I can just imagine the kids running around on the playground below, just as one is about to emerge at the top of the stairs on the slide.

    And I think it’s cool that the slide seems so gigantic. I remember how scared I was to go down the slide. Still am in fact :)

    It’s a really great collection, and I’m hope it does help you remember your childhood, as you wished.

  5. mitchell
    Sat, 6. October , 2012

    Hi there first of all I must say that these are amazing. I am conducting a project at university revolving around remembrance of childhood just as you have done here. May I ask for permission to use your images in a view master reel? http://tinyurl.com/8q7r3ff my project is completely internal and will only be used for academic purposes. I would really appreciate it if you would accept.


    Mitchell L.

    • richo
      Sun, 7. October , 2012

      Dear Mitchell,

      you have my permission to use the images for you university project under following condition.

      – You make possible that I can view the result where and how my images are used by you.
      – My copyright as creator of those images with my web site will be visible together with every images to the viewer of particular image.

      If you need better resolution that that on web let me know.


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Getting older and older I become kind of afraid that I will lose all those memories from my childhood. As an adult I am more and more involved in the every day routine of things. Based on that, I feel that what happened to my father will happen to me. That I will forget how I was, what I saw and felt when I was a child.

That was a primary reason to start this project. To create images which will help not only me but also other adults to remember how they looked at the world when they were small.