• Kristian
  • Agatha
  • Preview scan not for public use
  • Two friends
  • Smoke break in e/// prison
  • Preview scan - only for internal use
  • Big monster effect
  • Preview scan not for public use
  • tyre up
  • Roman Harvan
  • Tvor i Vec

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  1. The People - Richard Vanek Photography
    Thu, 27. November , 2014

    […] do not have answer to that yet, but you may see all images as one project and you may share your opinion as comment there. I very much value and appreciate your view. […]


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You are not alone, there are other people in your universe. They are various, some strange some boring and some lovely. They see you same way. You are outside.

We all change, we all adjust and we should live together in friendliness. Only some do.

Are you too dreaming of old good times? Well they hadn't been so good as you think there were. Wouldn't be better to make them better now so e can remember them as great?

Those old friends, small kids, unknown passers-by, so many views, so many subjective worlds...

If you care read more about each of these people and their photos.

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