• Early Morning
  • Bathroom
  • Light Under The Door
  • Light From Door
  • Behind a Curtain
  • Thought


  1. Asif Raza
    Tue, 1. June , 2010

    My compliments on the Night Mood series, very nice.
    Have a great day

  2. richo
    Wed, 2. June , 2010

    Thank you Asif! nice to know you like it.


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The moments when the night is deep and you see only in black and white. When all is quiet, so much, that you can hear how slowly water flows in the heating. Those are the moment when you realize how fragile all this is.

You remember moments when you were small and ill in bed. When times slowed down and you notice the smallest times drifts, the quietest sounds. When your hands where big like balloons, when your head was in fever.

These moments are simple images, which we forget very fast, but when we feel important moments the come back to our mind. We enjoy those memories, memories which reminds the basic in us. These moments when we do not play our role, when we do not pretend who we are. Those moment when we just are.