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  1. Iurie
    Tue, 29. March , 2016

    Richard, I think it’s a great idea to group thematic photos into “albums”.

    One suggestion though: in my opinion, the switching rate of the photos is too fast.
    When watching the “album” it bothers me when I stop by a photo to watch it longer and it changes to another one.
    Could you add a Stop or Pause button, let’s say in the lower part of the image? Or clicking anywhere on the picture (except the arrows) could pause or continue the slideshow?

    Anyway, this his is my subjective opinion…

    All the best!


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We met in Liege and walk through the evening and next morning in small streets and behind tourist attractions. I decided to use black and white with help of camera I never used before. FujiFilm X-T1 and 18-55 2.8-4 zoom lens. I took around 170 images and here you can see subset which I have selected.
I am very much pleased with resulting black and white tonality and with handling of the camera itself. I felt as free person to walk with rather small and almost invisible tool for capturing images. I am quite sure I would felt rather different with my Nikon D800. I am certain that some of these images wouldn't exists if I had D800 with me.

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