Dear friend this is the first little tryout to display my work in form of the nicely design presentations. I decide to use web and this is my first attempt. Once you click on the following image, full screen pop-up will cover your screen wherever supported. Then whole screen of your device will be used to display slides containing text and photographs.

I hope this will show them in much nicer way then small images. Combination with text will hopefully add some extra dimension to viewing them and bring you to similar mood as when I was making them.
When you press ESC or slide your finger upwards over the screen (where possible) You will leave the full screen mode. On desktop browser next ESC key press will bring you back to this page.
The screen will progress automatically you can pause them with your mouse or finger. You can advance left or right by sliding finger or using left/right keys as well as mouse buttons. I believe this navigation is quite straight forward.

Enjoy and let me know what do you think, by sedning email or comment.

10x2 Liege