One Big Illusion from 2011

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alt: One Big Illusion from 2011

I was preparing new podcast and found this one entitled One Big Illusion, still in my podcast editing directory. I check the date and I was shocked. It was from November 2011. I wonder, why I never published it? I was puzzled until I had listen to it. And listened again and again. It is a bit depressive, which is ok for November time, but it was too much for (more…)

The Candid Club

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alt: The Candid Club

You may know wonderful podcast “The Candid Frame” by Ibarionex Perello. I am enjoying his interviews for many years and even with some delays I always listen more episodes in group. So it happens this week as well. Usual nice stuff until episode #109 called The Candid Club, (more…)

Strobist workshop with David Tejada

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alt: Strobist workshop with David Tejada

Last Wednesday I have attended strobist workshop  by David Tejada. He presented it under the name Small Strobes Big Results in London. I had a wonderful time, not only by seeing my old friend in London and walking this intense city. I liked the way David’s workshop was done. In this eight podcast I am talking more about my impressions from this one day event. Whole Europe tour of David Tejada was organized (more…)

Commenting on your photos

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alt: Commenting on your photos

And here we go! The podcast number seven, this time about commenting. In the following audio material I am talking about something, which could seems rather obvious. However, often overlooked. Commenting on our own photos. We all love to receive comments on our photographic creations. That is mostly the reason, why we post them on our websites.

We publish them for everybody to see. In this age of speed we sometimes upload everything. Even things, which are not the best. And we know it. We still somehow expect to receive reactions, comments. Isn’t it rather strange. People are not usually posting negative views. Doesn’t it mean: No comment – negative comment? I am suggesting that we should (more…)

Strobist in Action

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alt: Strobist in Action

I was hired by the author of a book to create a book cover. I worked with strobes in open space as well in  studio and also in the middle of the night. I guest I become somebody called a Strobist. You had opportunity to see few of the images already. Today I created short video, which contains some more images and little talk. It is my first attempt to post video. I hope it will be (more…)

New Photo Book

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alt: New Photo Book

This audio recording also called podcast, is about my new photo book. I have published it based on help and idea from Jeffrey Paul Howard. Listen to more details and look at attached pictures. You can also purchase this photo book. There are still some copies left after I send few around.

Listen the podcast episode 5:

Price for bigger hard bound photo book is €49 and small one for €24. Postage depends how far you are from The Netherlands. Postage in the Europe  is around €10, overseas excluding UK around €20 (for hard bound), €15 for soft bound. Leave me a note if you have interest. (Anybody for reprint? Leave a message).

Take a look how does the photo book looks:

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Blur or Not To Blur

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alt: Blur or Not To Blur

Dear friend, this is a next, the fourth episode, of my audio recordings aka podcast. We going to talk about blur in the photos. I mean intentional blur. Why? It is inspired by my experience with the way observers aproach my last images from Serene Mind series. Do not hesitate to leave your comment, you are also the observer of my images. I would love to know how do you see them, thanks! (more…)

Just Enjoy It!

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alt: Just Enjoy It!

Dear friend, in this third audio call Just Enjoy It, I talk about the difference between asking question about the art work and enjoying it. Wondering why we need to name everything even before we let it influence us. What is the reason that we need to know why and what.. (more…)

Question for you.

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alt: Question for you.

We have a nice bright sunny day. It is not warm. January, you can imagine. Anyway a question has occurred in my mind. Question for you. Please listen.

BTW: I am working on adding this podcast in the iTunes as Dirk suggested, but it will take a few extra days as I am not Apple user and I need to modify my home RSS generator to include special iTunes tags.

Listen the podcast episode #2: Question for you

Update: as you can see, now all episodes of this podcast are in iTunes:

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And now with audio!

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alt: And now with audio!

Dear friend, today is here something new. Something I was thinking about rather long time. One day it just happen. Audio! Podcast! Let see how does it turns out. If you should have some problems with this audio post, please let me know. Should be accessible through RSS reader and web as well. (more…)